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The Chiropractic Assistant Program

Train Your Chiropractic Assistant – Electrify Your Practice!

Once again, The Masters Circle leads the field by creating an innovative, dynamic and power-packed program designed to turn a Chiropractic Assistant into a Chiropractic paraprofessional.
Here is the ultimate solution to the largest capacity limitation and blockage in any practice – an under-trained and under-motivated support team.


Instead, imagine a practice where everyone, including you, your CAs and your patients are in total harmony. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a practice where everyone is on the same page, trained to efficiency and professionalism, and prepared to deliver outstanding Chiropractic service?


 This can be your practice, when you register your staff in The Masters Circle Chiropractic Assistant Program

This cutting-edge 12 module, 60 hour CA Certification Program is sure to excite, engage and empower your support team at all levels.


 An Investment In Your Future

Here are only some of the dividends and benefits you can expect by making an investment in the future of your practice:

  • Emotionally engaged, excited and empowered CAs
  • Increased effectiveness, efficiency and productivity
  • Transitioning of your CA position from a “job” to a “career”
  • Dramatic decrease in CA turnover
  • Reduction of the tedious CA interview process
  • Build up in practice motivation and momentum
  • Increased bottom line

Having legitimate trained Chiropractic Assistants gives you more confidence that your office will run smoothly and your patients will be better served – both huge practice building ingredients.


 CA Power

Finally, your practice will be complete. You can now have the All-Star team that has eluded you for so long. The Masters Circle CA program is the link needed to Electrify Your Practice – Ignite Potential – Increase Performance – Inspire Commitment and Double Your Productivity.


 Enroll Your CA Today!

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The CA Certification Program is AWESOME! Chiropractic Assistants are the keystone to every chiropractic office. This program energizes, educates and empowers CA’s to a higher level of performance and gives an energy that radiates through the office every day….Thank you for providing an excellent program and giving the opportunity to the CA profession to be more than “just employees.

Carrie Kuennen




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