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CoachingPractice Evaluation

Practice Evaluation

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1. Are you consistently seeing the volume of patients you would like to?
2. Are you consistently getting the amout of new patients you want?
3. Are you consistently making the money that you feel you deserve?
4. Is your staff trained so that when you're out of the office you trust the job is being done correctly?
5. Do you feel a balance between your home life and practice life?
6. Do you have patients stopping care prematurely?
7. Do you have as many wellness patients as you would like?
8. Do you have a minimum of three months of personal and one month practice overhead saved in case of injury or sickness?
9. Do you believe your practice growth is reflective of your personal growth?
10. Do you feel your goals are in alignment with your current actions?
11. Do you realize that having a coach will increase your chances of success and fulfillment?
12. Will you try new things if what you are doing isn't working?








“The Masters Circle was literally an answer to my prayers. I have met many terrific lifetime friends in the seminars. The advice we get from Bob and Dennis at TMC is priceless. Whether you are struggling in practice or in your prime, TMC will serve you well. Their purpose is strong and vision is compelling.”


Kari Lund, DC




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