A Glimpse Of Normalcy

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Dear Doctor:

We held a live event this weekend in Orlando, and there was a sense of relief and a return to normal we’ve all been craving. It was wonderful to see, hug and connect with all the incredible members, guests, spouses and staff, and like riding a bicycle, no one forgot what to do. True to form, everyone was in their seats on time, eagerly awaiting the deluge of new material Dr. Hoffman and I stockpiled over fourteen months. We presented a 94-page workbook and ten concentrated hours on all aspects of adaptation, coping with adversity, and overcoming friction and the roadblocks to practice success.

The hotel asked us to cover our faces in the common areas, but left it to our discretion in the classroom, where we allowed our members to decide, and the masks mostly disappeared – and it’s not because everyone in the room was vaccinated. The garbled and inconsistent “guidance” from the authorities has finally devolved into what we suspected all along – they’re just guessing about a lot of it, including the long term effects of the vaccines, but at least they are relaxing their restrictions.

It’s irritating that their message is “vaccinated people can stop wearing masks,” but they’ve become masterful spin doctors. Side effects? That means the vaccine is working. Blood clots, death? Too rare to be consequential. Vaccinated people getting COVID anyway? Oh well, they’re not dying, so it proves that getting the vaccine safeguards you – but can you transmit the virus? They don’t know.

In fact, they really don’t know any of that stuff, they just made it up. The pseudoscience of vaccination has always been shadowy, but now they’ve turned over the cards and said the quiet part out loud – only people who accept their sacrament earn the liberty to live as they choose, and if not, they must hide their faces in shame. They’ll even bribe you with a pizza or a chance in a million dollar lottery.

Except, no one can tell if you got jabbed or not. Their laughable gestures toward an “honor system” cannot possibly work, but they are riding the crest of favorable numbers that have been equilibrating since well before the inoculations kicked in. Like with the polio vaccine, Nature was already hard at work protecting people, and the vaccine proponents showed up to claim success and make a fortune. The survival rate was 98.2% prior to launching the vaccines, and it’s still 98.2%, but Big Pharma saw how to capitalize on fear and ignorance, and filled their coffers while rolling the dice with our destiny.

Perhaps my concern is unjustified, and innate intelligence will withstand the unnatural onslaught of unbridled gene therapy, now being injected into children at or before the age of puberty. How they can say that’s safe without testing it for a decade or two reeks of bad science with an ulterior motive.

We cannot recommend against the vaccine – it’s outside our scope of practice. But supplying good data so people can make an informed decision is within our domain, and it is our duty to do so.

In the final analysis, I believe we will be fine. Half of our citizens have opted out, and the disturbed dream of forcing herd immunity has been supplanted by tactics of expediency, seasoned with coercion to ostracize those who don’t comply so they can squeeze out the last few droplets of compliance. Frankly, we are more compromised by poor lifestyle habits than any unwillingness to acquiesce to their arcane protocols. Ultimately, freedom will triumph, and wellness beliefs will become the language of health, instead of the biased interpretations of cherry-picked biochemistry.

Let’s see this for what it is – an opportunistic push to vaccinate everyone, including regular booster shots, or else live with stigmata that interfere with our rights and may or may not do that much to help. Please, let’s insert some common sense back into the healing algorithm, and be wise, but not afraid.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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