About The Masters Circle Global

Raising the Standards and Consciousness of the Chiropractic Profession


The Masters Circle Global is a highly specialized and unique Leadership Training and Practice Building organization, that has revolutionized the traditional management consulting for chiropractors model, so common in our profession today.

The difference lies in the fact that while most organizations are only “Strategy-Based,” meaning they simply tell you what to do, The Masters Circle Global is “Identity-Based(TM)” meaning that we also coach you on who to be, so that what you attempt to do becomes effective.

In fact, our focus and philosophy revolve around a mantra that says, “Who you are determines how well what you do works!” We are determined to help as many chiropractors as possible build the practice that they always imagined they would have, while helping them maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

The Masters Circle Global offers a comprehensive Total Support Program that features a personalized “hands-on” approach, but utilizes a high-tech educational model that just seems to create faster and better results. Our well balanced and modern approach covers all aspects of personal growth, as well as every action step a member will need to build his or her practice to the level they want.

The Ultimate Jumpstart for Your Practice


To help as many Chiropractors as possible to build the practice of their dreams and the best lifestyle they can imagine.


A global, quality-of-life driven health care system featuring chiropractors and clinics in the leading role.


To help others achieve happiness, success and fulfillment, through personal growth and professional excellence.


Who you are determines your success at what you do.  Always remember, success comes from you, not to you!

You see, at The Masters Circle Global , “It’s All About You.” After all, success comes from you, not to you. And therefore, understanding who you are is the key to unleashing the power to achieve successful outcomes in your practice and personal life.

We have created a success plan that is ALL ABOUT YOU. Just think about it — seminars and custom-tailored coaching that revolves around YOUR needs and YOUR desires.

The Masters Circle Global is intent on helping to raise the standards and consciousness of the Chiropractic Profession and this includes working diligently toward the day when our profession has one voice — the voice of UNITY!

Just think of it. What would our profession look like and how would it function if we had unification, first in action, then with maturity in reality. The political benefits alone would advance us beyond our wildest imaginations, not to mention the amazing benefits that would come from an all out combined mass media campaign highlighting the benefits of Chiropractic care.

Eventually, we can even dream about, a single “United Chiropractic Association” that has room for all Chiropractors and their divergent philosophies, techniques and models of practice.

We strongly believe that unification is an essential ingredient for the future of Chiropractic and that it will indeed happen. The question is when.

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