Am I A Conspiracy Theorist?

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Dear Doctor:

I was talking with old friend and longtime Masters Circle member Dr. Michael Evon of Yardley, PA, a very bright and dedicated chiropractor who knows a ton about nutrition and functional medicine, and he brought up a recent study done in India, published in the British Medical Journal, showing that a significant percentage of COVID positive patients responded to short term, high dose Vitamin D.

This is consistent with my reporting on the views of Dr. Chris Martenson, a research biologist who may be too controversial for YouTube and Facebook, but he seems objective enough to me.

Which begs the question – am I a conspiracy theorist? I have been diligent in adhering to the CDC guidelines of avoiding crowded inside gatherings, maintaining social distance and keeping my nose and mouth covered in public, and I recommend the same to my clients and whoever will listen.

It seems like common sense – consider the videos of people talking, breathing and coughing which expose the drool and snot we constantly launch at each other. In fact, it makes me want all of us to shield our faces, pandemic or not, but that’s for another column on my own OCD tendencies.

I confess I am not thrilled about the specter of mandatory vaccination – these vaccines tamper with our genetic material, and while the reductionist viewpoint says they augment our ability to combat viral particles, who knows what else they may do – will they affect other kinds of protein metabolism? It is already questionable whether allergy sufferers can safely take them. No one has tested them on pregnant moms, kids or those with significant co-morbidities. How do they work with vitamins or other drugs? In the mad dash for a magic bullet, the obvious has been ignored, “c’est le terrain,” as Pasteur concluded– the condition of the host organism is the predominant factor in death and survival.

If we could establish a nationwide trend of taking proper nutrition, like Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, zinc and selenium, for example, which costs little, requires no special refrigeration, can be dispensed by local stores without any particular certification or preparation, and is easily assimilated by the huge majority of our citizens, might that be a better solution? And how about, dare I suggest it, chiropractic care?

It saddens me that there simply isn’t enough money to be made by Big Pharma on such a strategy, and that those in authority have traditionally based their decision-making on the profit motive.

And so, we face the challenge of attempting to immunize 315 million Americans who would not perish from the virus even under the worst scenarios, to try to protect the seven million who are more susceptible for whatever reason. Who is pursuing a better alternative? What different questions could be asked? This Indian study explores the possibility – but you haven’t heard much about it, have you?

So, I guess by today’s standard, I would be considered a conspiracy theorist – I am not even anti-vaccination, I am against shotgun treatment without testing and diagnosis to establish a need. There are people whose immune systems are compromised, which may outweigh the risk of taking a vaccine – that sounds more reasonable. But I don’t believe I’m one of them, and that puts me outside the current mainstream. I don’t think of myself as a radical – but I guess that depends who you ask.

Please, spread the word on improving lifestyle as a tool to help people to be healthier and enhance their body defense. You may want to include omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and herbs in addition to the vitamins, minerals and chiropractic care, but whatever you believe is best, put the message out – it will make a big difference for the people you touch and serve, and may even save their lives.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

PS As our communities go through changes, remain alert. Lead. Work together. Be loving. Do good.

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