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Dear Doctor:

There are no good answers to bad questions. Asking “How can we immunize 300 million people?” will generate delivery logistics and rationalizations, but who is asking if there isn’t a better way to facilitate immunity in our populace that isn’t as dangerous? While the side effects are being ignored as a necessary evil, there have been numerous reports of anaphylactic shock, facial paralysis, pain, flu, and it’s only the first week. Minimizing that as a “normal response” makes us wonder – what is normal anyway? Being able to “manage” such sequelae doesn’t mean the body isn’t rightfully rebelling.

I have been flogging the proactive, offensive approach for months, and I’m not alone – I have found dozens of scholarly articles, dating back to the spring, studying the use of nutrition to strengthen the immune system. I even reported last week on an article out of India, published in the British Medical Journal, that demonstrated that high dose, short term application of Vitamin D could knock out the coronavirus in infected patients.

But few are paying attention. It’s too glamorous and heroic to have the medics ride up on their white horses to save the day. There’s nothing especially sexy about getting people to take vitamins, so the vaccine takes center stage, and at what expense? No one knows – maybe it will be relatively harmless, maybe it will screw up our genetics for generations, but that isn’t the right question to ask, since there will be more pandemics — even now there are reports of mutations of the coronavirus that may or may not respond to the current inoculation frenzy.

So wouldn’t it make more sense to strike at the cause level? Nutrition and chiropractic, for example?

There are now studies showing that there are genetic markers that predispose people to more severe infection. There’s even a new article that says patients with Type A blood may be more likely to die from this infection. I don’t know if those articles are correct, but at least they ask a better question – who is vulnerable, and how do we help them? Epigenetic technology, anyone?

Shotgun immunization is appealing because it doesn’t require much from doctor or patient – if you don’t mind potentially putting your health future in jeopardy. How about a more comprehensive strategy – could we inspire a nationwide movement toward better lifestyle decisions? If a fraction of the media time invested in these risky interventions was devoted to enhancing people’s immune response naturally, maybe we wouldn’t be facing the inevitable – since half of our neighbors are afraid to take this hastily prepared and intensely marketed vaccine, scientists postulate that it won’t have the desired effect, and right behind that is mandating injections, to artificially induce what they are calling “herd immunity,” a harsh but likely conclusion to this poorly constructed social experiment.

We’d better do something to head it off at the pass – let’s put our hearts and minds together and join forces, and together with other professions and researchers, let’s uncover and publicize natural methods to fortify the immune response. If we don’t, we will have to deal with the consequences.

Try googling studies from Pakistan, India, China, the UK and other countries with less of an influence from Big Pharma, and see what you find. There’s ample evidence that Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics have all been linked to positive outcomes with COVID-19. If no one else will talk about it, it falls to us to do so. Stay away from unsubstantiated claims, but there’s a lot of science supporting this position – if you want to avoid choosing between ostracism and staring down a needle of death, read, watch, learn, and open your mouth to share what you discover.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

PS As our communities go through changes, remain alert. Lead. Work together. Be loving. Do good.

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