Are You Making Essential Really Essential?

This is Dr. Dennis Perman and in the next 3 minutes I’m going to answer today’s question on practice in the COVID-19 Era: Are you making essential really essential?

The Essential Doctor handles emergencies, but also anticipates need, and reaches out to patients who are not coming in. They benefit from your attention too. Call them, it’ll only take a minute or two.    The Essential Doctor reaches out to build connection. Call so your patients know you care, not to pitch them. You’ll get your chance to do that, but this call is to let them know they matter.

The Essential Doctor knows the value of lasting relationships. Sometimes your most powerful adjustment is delivered with your heart, not your hands.   I talk to doctors all over the world, six countries and twenty four of our United States just in the last week. Some are still restricted by mandate to emergency patients, some are open but on reduced hours and volume, and many are starting to re-emerge and get back toward relatively normal.

Many people are still obeying governmental “stay home” orders, or voluntarily self-isolating because they were exposed, or fear being exposed to coronavirus.

They’re scared, as the news reports astonishing and terrifying death counts, and their imaginations are running wild. While some may be visiting you to de-stress and move toward better health, others are pinned at home, often for weeks on end – they feel alone, frightened, maybe sick, and often no one is looking out for them. For these patients, essential takes on new meaning.

The Essential Doctor does this — (ring-a-ling-a-ling) Hello? Susie? Yes? Susie, this is Dr. Dennis. Dr. Dennis? Why are you calling, is everything okay? That’s why I’m calling you, Susie, I was thinking about you, I wanted to make sure everything is okay with you. Are you sick, or is anyone in your house sick? No, Dr. Dennis we’re okay here, just staying home. Good, Susie, that’s all I wanted to know. Is there anything I can do for you? No, Doc, we’re doing all right. Good, Susie, I’m here when you need me.

And that’s it. Reaching out to patients so they know you’re thinking of them will have a long term impact on your relationship. They may brag to their friends that you cared enough to check in on them, which can even lead to referrals. And that’s one way you make essential really essential for those you serve.

This is Dr. Dennis Perman for the Masters Circle Global.  Together we can show the world just how essential we really are!