Chiropractic Coaching: Dealing with Post-COVID Uncertainty

Chiropractic Coaching: Dealing with Post-COVID Uncertainty

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Chiropractic Coaching: Dealing with Post-COVID Uncertainty

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. I just got back from vacation. I live in New York, but I vacationed in California visiting with my son, Dr. Daniel Perman. And amazingly, New York and California are actually starting to open up. You can go to a restaurant, you do have to cover your face when you go in but the fact is, you can go and have a nice meal and the likelihood is you’ll be able to feed yourself without worrying about covering your face. This is a weird time that we’re dealing with now. And as your state opens up or your country, our Canadian friends are still dealing with a tremendous uncertainty, our UK friends as well. So it’s really important for you to understand how to deal with post-COVID uncertainty.

Your patients are going to be coming in and they’re still quite afraid, they’re still quite concerned. So we’ve got to do certain things in order to deal with the certainty that comes after this unusual pandemic. The first thing I want to point out is that whereas some people have had significant physical stress and chemical stress, the real impact has been in emotional stress. We must understand the emotional impact of the pandemic and be understanding while we lead people to a better place.

So when you recall your patients, it’s important for you not to force the gears, but rather to ask them a when question, “When will you be ready to get started with your care again?” This doesn’t push them too hard and it makes them think about it. Well, maybe two weeks, maybe a month, maybe I’m ready to come in right now. We want to make sure that we understand that they’re still recoiling from the emotional impact of what they’ve been through over the last year plus.

Second, we’ve got to make sure to steer clear of any conspiracy theories and stick with facts and common sense. It’s very important not to get engaged in spirited debate with people because in the US there’s a deep division between people who feel one way and people who feel another way. And we’ve got to make sure that we don’t go down the rabbit hole of trying to convince people of our point of view because you can’t solve emotional issues with logic. Most people are emotionally invested in their position on COVID and post-COVID. So it makes so much more sense for us just to steer clear of their position. And by the way, if they agree with you on everything, steer clear of that as well, because all that is is an echo chamber that’s going to eat unnecessary time.

Now this takes us to my third point. We want to make sure to stay within our scope of practice. We can’t overstate our opposition to vaccines and medicines because that’s practicing medicine without a license, and we can never fall down that rabbit hole. That’s something that we have to be extra careful not to do. Know your laws. As I said, our friends in Canada are not even allowed to insinuate that chiropractic is good for the immune system. And I know of a doctor who was punished by his state board for making outlandish claims about chiropractic care building immunity and preventing COVID. Now, depending on where you are philosophically, you may agree with that or disagree with it. But what I’m suggesting is, steer clear of having this kind of philosophical conversation with patients because all it does is it’s either preaching to the converted, the people who already agree with you, or you risk upsetting them, causing them to disengage, causing them to judge your opinion. And there’s no real value in that.

My fourth point is that it’s never been more important to the people that we serve that we establish the best relationship possible with them. They have little to go on except fear and a biased point of view without us. And with us, they have a way to build their health and wellness. So, this is a critical time for us to stay within our scope of practice, stick to facts and avoid conspiracy theories, make sure to be sensitive to the emotional condition of the person before you, and above all, help people recognize and understand the immense value of chiropractic care. Because without overstating your case, every one of us understands and believes that chiropractic care is valuable and beneficial to people’s health and wellness. Now, if you don’t want to go out on a limb and draw a direct relationship between that and the way people deal with the post-COVID, then you don’t need to. Just tell your story, just help patients understand that when you have your subluxations corrected, when you take good care of your brain, when you have a relationship with the most trusted health and wellness advisor, it’s beneficial for you.

And in the absence of those things, it’s likely that they’ll end up not doing as well. Now, I think you can all understand from my tone that I want to be absolutely sure that you and our profession takes a stand on the value of chiropractic without making unsubstantiated claims that can only get us in trouble. Rather, let’s make sure to tell our truth with precision, with certainty, and with love, and we’ve got the best chance of making the biggest difference in as many people’s lives as we possibly can.

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Thank you very much for listening. This is Dr. Dennis Perman signing off for Thrive in Five


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