Chiropractic Coaching: How Can 2 Simple Changes Generate an Extra $225,000 Collected a Year?

Chiropractic Coaching: How Can 2 Simple Changes Generate an Extra $225,000 Collected a Year?

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Chiropractic Coaching: How Can 2 Simple Changes Generate an Extra $225,000 Collected a Year?

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. And I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Master Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today we’ve discuss how can two simple changes can generate an extra $225,000 collected a year. As we go over another colleague who took the time to complete the practice growth calculator, the practice growth calculator is your golden ticket to simple, practical, and highly effective ways to grow your practice. Like never before the doctor today is Kevin and Kevin has another practice, not expressing its full potential, a practice that needs guidance and help, and a practice that is leaving over $200,000 on the table. Kevin currently attracts 30 new patients a month, sees 500 patient visits a month and collects $30,000 a month with a PVA of 16.7 and an ova of $60. Kevin must become the CEO of his practice.

He cannot try to be the Jack of all trades and the master of none. He wasn’t trained to be the chief financial officer or the chief marketing officer or any of the other roles necessary for a flourishing and thriving business. As I take on the position as Kevin COO chief operating officer, here are my two simple initial recommendations for him to add an extra $225,000 a year. I’m recommending that we grow and expand his PVA from 16.7 visits per patient per year to 25 patient visits per year on average. And the second is to grow his collection per visit from $60 to $65. On average, these two simple and easy to accomplish changes will grow his monthly visits from 500 to 750 and grow his monthly income from 30,000 collected a month to 48,750 a month. This is an increase of $18,750 a month or 225,000 a year. And this ladies and gentlemen is how you go from stuck to significant from plateaued to profitable, from busy to dollar productive. And this is what expert coaching, mentoring, and focus

Could do for any practice. Be regardless if you’re barely getting by or seeing hundreds of visits a day expert chiropractic coaching has the essential role of becoming the chief operating officer to find the best and the easiest way to get from where you are currently to where you want to be it locates and customizes the fastest and easiest path to growth and expansion for you. It removes and corrects the subluxation in your thinking and in your practice flow. And it allows you to do what you do best and what you were trained to do to be the chief clinical officer and practice visionary. Of course, as Kevin’s chief operating officer, I will need to train him and focus him on how to, and why to grow his PVA in his ova and what to expect when he does that. I could take these responsibilities off his plate so he could focus on what he was trained to do, and that’s the best serve his patients and to consistently produce predictable clinical outcomes.

And this is why the master circle global has such an amazing and time tested track record of growing any type of chiropractic practice run by any type of personality, regardless of the doctor’s philosophy, clinical skill, business skill, or even location. This is chiropractic coaching at work when done, right? And this is what happens when you have an experienced chief operating officer working for you. So many of our colleagues are either hurting or accepting mediocrity, but not expressing the greatness they have inside of them and not living up to their potential. So please tap into the practice growth calculator yourself today to discover how easy it is to significantly grow your practice. All you need to do is answer four simple questions and then schedule a private consultation, have a review of what your results reveal about you and your practice. In this case, it would be at the consultation where I show Kevin, how to make the changes we discussed.

It’s never been easier to have the practice of your dreams to help as many people as possible. And as a result, make as much money as you want. It’s never been easier to pinpoint exactly what statistic is your linchpin to rapid and sustainable growth. It’s never been easier to have a chief operating officer working for you for a fraction of what chief operating officers earn in today’s world. If you haven’t completed the calculator, please do that today. If you have completed it, but haven’t scheduled your private consultation to review it and learn from it. This is a must. So get that schedule today, it’s at the private consult where the true magic will happen for you. The practice growth calculator and consultation will

Simplify the process. It will change your career and your mindset once. And for all. And I do this for doctors just like you, and I’m proud of the sustainable and rapid growth. All of our clients consistently achieve on your screen as a QR code. So please take out your phone right now and scan that QR code. Do it right now and learn about this practice growth calculator journal on practice, unmasking. It is filled it’s 40 pages filled with great practical and pertinent information to help you grow your business. And while you have your phone out, I’m gonna give you another QR code that I want you to scan right now. It’ll bring you right to this. Week’s live seminar in Orlando, May 13th and 14th, where we will be going over some really cutting edge information on how your practice can be a passion brand, how to make your passion, your patient’s passion, and how to do this in a way that overrides value and cost. So patients are your evangelists telling your story to everyone that they meet. I can’t wait to help you in any shape, manner or form. You have the potential inside of you for greatness and no matter where your practice is know that we can make it better, more profitable and less stressful.


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