Chiropractic Coaching- More Visits Per Week and Beyond

Chiropractic Coaching- More Visits Per Week and Beyond

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Chiropractic Coaching- More Visits Per Week and Beyond

Welcome to this week’s Thrive In Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Master Circle Global, where we build the most successful practices through chiropractic coaching. And today we’re going to cover another real case study from one of our colleagues who completed the practice growth calculator. And I will show you how easy and how simple it is to rapidly and dramatically grow any practice including yours if you know exactly what to focus on. Today, we’ll discuss how easy it is to go from 200 to 300 visits a week and beyond. There are only 3 essential linchpins in every practice. They’re all averages and averages become accurate only over time. So make sure you go back at least 12 months to measure these 3 averages for yourself and your practice. Those three linchpins are how many new patients a month do you average? What is your patient visit average? And your office visit average. The bottom line is you should always be focused on all three all the time, but not equally.

You modulate and adapt the amount of time, talent and energy on each of these based on where you’re stronger or weaker at any given moment in time. The doctor who completed this actual practice growth calculate, his real first name is Brynn. Brynn tells us that the practice average 30 new patients a month with a PVA of 30 and an OVA of $61. Now this is a very solid practice collecting about $55,000 a month and adjusting 900 visits each and every month on average. So follow me on this. I promise it’s super easy and you’re going to understand it quickly, and that will change and upgrade your thinking and how you look at and manage your practice now and forever. It’s your new patient average times your patient visit average that always tells us your visit volume.

Brynn is averaging 900 visits a month because the practice is generating 30 new patients at a 30 PVA. 30 times 30 is 900. And the practice is averaging 55,000s collected by multiplying the 900 visits at $61 collected per visit, the OVA. This is a very simple case as I would recommend to Brynn, to pour the majority of the time, talent and energy into improving the practice PVA. That’s the one thing I would focus on and I’m going to recommend that they aim for a 36 PVA instead of a 30 PVA. And this is the equivalent of 6 more visits per year per new patient on average. Now 30 new patients times a 36 PVA will generate 1,080 visits, an increase of 180 additional visits a month. Those 180 additional visits each month times the same OVA or collection per visit of $61, will generate almost $11,000 a month of additional income. This is what expert chiropractic coaching does. It focuses you on what is the best and easiest way to go from where you are currently to where you want your practice to be. It locates the fastest and easiest path to grow and expand.

This is why The Master Circle Global has such an amazing track record for decades of rapidly growing any type of chiropractic practice run by any type of personality, regardless of the doctor’s philosophy, or clinical skill, or business skill or even location. This is what chiropractic coaching work does when it’s done right. Of course, in coaching Brynn, we must also discuss how and why to expand the practice PVA, why patients are sicker today than ever before, why everyone’s stress load is at an all-time high, and how damaging that is, and why ongoing stress requires ongoing chiropractic care to neutralize that stress, and why unresolved stress always leads to damage, then degeneration and then to disease.

Please do yourself a favor. Tap into the practice growth calculator yourself today to discover how easy it is to significantly grow your practice? All you have to do is answer four simple questions and spend less than one minute, and then schedule your private consultation to have a review of what your calculator results reveal about you and your practice. If you’re on Facebook, all you have to do is type in the word calculator in the chat, and it will bring you right to the practice growth calculator. And you will also see the link on the bottom of the screen. Doc, it has never been easier to have the practice of your dreams, to help as many patients as possible as a result, or to make as much money as you want. It has never been easier to gain rapid traction and grow your practice like never before. It’s never been easier to pinpoint exactly what statistic or what metric is your linchpin to rapid and sustainable growth.

If you haven’t completed the calculator yet, please do so today. And if you have completed it, but haven’t scheduled your private console to review it and learn from it, get that scheduled today as well. It is during the private consult where the true magic happens for you and your practice. The practice growth calculator and consult will simplify the process, laser focus you, what to focus on for rapid growth and change your career and mindset once and for all. I do this for docs like you all day, and I’m proud to be an expert chiropractic coach.


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