Chiropractic Coaching: Practice Rescue, Volume 8: Your Best Adjustment

Chiropractic Coaching: Practice Rescue, Volume 8: Your Best Adjustment

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Chiropractic Coaching: Practice Rescue, Volume 8: Your Best Adjustment

Hello everybody. And welcome to Thrive in Five I’m Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. I had the pleasure last night of going into New York city to Madison square garden and seeing Eric Clapton perform, I may be dating myself, but I’m hoping that many of you know who Eric Clapton is, uh, one of the great guitarists of all time. And I’ve been a fan for well 60 years or so. Uh, so it was a great pleasure to go and watch him perform. And I was struck by the idea that he is pushing eighties in his late seventies and the guy hasn’t lost a step. He looks great. He plays great. He sings great. He’s just one of the all time greats. And it’s not about idol worship, but I wanna make a point. He achieved a certain level of mastery because he decided to put something into the process that any of us can put in.

If we just understand what we need to do first, he had an objective. He wanted to become an extraordinary guitar player. So he was willing to put in the time and energy and capital to be able to surround himself with the finest players and to learn how to play. He didn’t start until he was 16. Most, most guitarists had been playing for quite a while by then, but he had clarity about what he wanted to accomplish. Second, he was willing to put in the work. He knew that if he was gonna be a great guitar player, he needed to play a lot. And he did. And finally, when he started to become successful, he didn’t get full of himself. He made sure that he continued to work hard to surround himself with great people. Now, if you know his story, then he’s had quite a few problems along the way, but he’s still here, 77 years old and playing to a packed house of 50,000 plus people in Madison square garden, screaming his name and not letting him leave the stage.

I want that for each and every one of you metaphorically in practice. So you need to do the very same things that he did. You need to have an intention in mind, know what you’re trying to accomplish. The reason why I named this Thrive in Five, Your Best Adjustment is because most people think that, I mean, your best adjustment is giving the very best adjustment you can give to your patient. But the very best adjustment that you can make is the adjustment that you make inside your own thinking. And action. You have an opportunity to alter the course of people’s destiny. So you wanna make sure that you show up big given the circumstances, because when you do, you have the opportunity to deliver what is really your best adjustment, your best adjustment inside helps you to make your best adjustment outside. So along the same lines, you wanna have clarity about what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

When I was going to adjust the patient, I always imagined I saw the bones. I saw my thrust. I imagined myself making the thrust and seeing the bone pop neatly into place. I always wanted to make sure that I prepared myself mentally and emotionally so that I could deliver for my patient. And then I put in the time I put in the time to develop the skills, I studied technique. I spent a quarter of a million dollars on technique seminars, which right now it’s still a lot of money. But back when I did it 30 years ago, it was really a lot of money. It was because I was so dedicated. I wanted to make sure that I learned everything I needed to know to deliver my best adjustment. And finally, I made sure to be present in the moment when I was delivering an adjustment, then I wanted to make sure that I was 100% present with that patient because that presence turbocharges you adjustment.

I know that the opposite is also true when you’re not present in your adjustment. It either doesn’t go very well. Or even those are the times when God forbid you risk hurting somebody. So you always have clarity about what you’re trying to create. You always put in the work so that you’re skillful enough to do it. And you always make sure when the moment comes that you are present enough to be able to deliver on your promise. Now, even though this is nothing like being Eric Clapton on Madison Square Garden, we also have a really important event coming up in just a couple of weeks, October 13th, 14th and 15th, 2022 is our SuperConference. And SuperConference this year is named Getting Inside The Head of The Decision Makers. It’s about how to use all the stuff we’ve been teaching for the last several years.

How to overcome friction, how to develop persuasion, how to create passion and rolled it all into a great ball with some brand new ideas about how you can bring this amazing sense of overcoming friction, creating persuasion, and developing passion to get inside the heads of the decision makers. Now, spoiler alert. I’m gonna let you know that this is not about mechanical techniques, even though you’re going to learn some it’s really about emotion. It’s about making sure that your patient feels you. It’s about making sure that when you promote you create feelings because that’s what moves people. People buy based on emotion. And if you can create more emotion in the way you interact with your patients and all of your practice, then you have a much better chance of experiencing mastery. So very few of us get to be like Eric Clapton, but all of us can create something extraordinary in our practice.

And we’ll be teaching how to do that at SuperConference in Orlando, October 13th, 14th, and 15th of this year, all you need to do is run your camera, your scanner, whatever your phone, over this QR code, that’s in the corner here. And it’ll take you to an information page. You can learn what you need to do. You can sign up there. This is going to be an extraordinary event. We have some of the top speakers in the profession coming in, and this is our way of being able to entertain you. It might not be Eric Clapton and Madison Square Garden, but The Masters Circle Global SuperConference is always a spectacle to behold. I certainly hope to see you there. Thanks for watching. This is Dr. Dennis Perman signing off for Thrive in Five.


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