Chiropractic Practice: Breaking the $100,000 Monthly Barrier

Chiropractic Practice: Breaking the $100,000 Monthly Barrier

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Chiropractic Practice: Breaking the $100,000 Monthly Barrier

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global. Where legends are made in legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today I want to discuss breaking the $100,000 monthly collection barrier. You can break this collection barrier when you realize that you encounter decision makers all day, every day, patients, new patients, potential patients, your staff, your strategic alliances, your suppliers, your advertisers, your local chamber of commerce, and the list goes on and on. So here is an essential question for you. In fact, here’s the only question that ultimately matters. How can you become significantly more persuasive, more influential, so that you consistently influence how the decision makers think and then behave so that you can break that a hundred thousand dollars monthly barrier? This is the science of communication. And in my 40 plus years in chiropractic, this is the most important skill that separates the haves and the have nots that separates those, crushing it, and doing a hundred K and more month after month. And still from those surviving or barely just getting by. First, you must understand what drives the old brain. It is your old brain that makes all of your decisions. It’s the old brain that makes everyone’s decisions. And if you’re not communicating directly to the other person’s old brain, well, you’re just throwing darts in the dark, my friend. The old brain requires contrast to make decisions, things like before and afters, preimposed, heart read variability or blood labs or examples of x-ray. The old brain could also only process images, not the written word. It needs pictures, graphs, and charts. It requires visual stimulus. And most important, the old brain responds to only emotion, not logic, not doctor speak, not $50 words. Emotion. All of our decisions are emotional decisions. What you are wearing right now is an emotional decision. What you eat today is emotional decisions. Taking care of yourself is an emotional decision.

So I ask you, do you get emotional when communicating with others? Are you consistently passionate and do you speak from the heart or from your head? The best communicators speak heart to heart. Listen carefully. All decisions are based on something called the Six Ss. Did you ever hear of the six S’s? Well, if you haven’t, I can assure you that your ability to communicate, or should I say, your ability to fail to communicate has just become obvious to you. So here are the six S’s, survival, safety, security, sustenance status, and sex. You become persuasive and highly effective to connect to all decision makers when you aim at the emotional communication in one or more of the successes. So think about this. Does your office look and your office energy? Make patients feel safe and secure? Does your dress make them feel safe and secure? How about your staff?

How about your table talk? Do these things make them feel safe and secure? Does the clutter in your office or showing a patient a model of the spine make the average layman feel safe and secure? I know that if you’re honest with yourself and you answered some of these questions with a no, that could explain why your PVA and the amount of new patients you attract each month are lower than what you want or what you need or what you expected. Learning how to get inside the head of the decision maker is how you go from stuck to unstuck, from surviving to flourishing, from not breathing to breathing easy. And this is what expert coaching, mentoring, and having a chief operating officer could do for any practice. Regardless of your belly getting by or seeing hundreds of people a day expert chiropractic coaching will focus you on what is the best and the easiest way to get from where you are currently to where you want to your practice and yourself to be.

It locates and then customizes the fastest and the easiest path, the growth and expansion. This is why The Masters Circle Global has such an amazing and time tested track record of rapidly growing any type of chiropractic practice, run by any type of personality, regardless of the doctor’s philosophy, clinical skill, business skill, or even location. This is what happens when you have an experienced chief operating officer working for you, guiding you, and mentoring you to do the things that need to be done to grow your practice. So many of our colleagues are either hurting or accepting mediocrity, but not expressing the greatness they have inside of them and not living up to their potential. So please, if you would love to collect a hundred K a month or more month after month, I’m gonna urge you to tap into what we call the Practice Growth Calculator.

All you will need to do is answer four simple questions and then schedule your private consultation. Have a review of what the results reveal about you and your practice. In case it would be at the consultation where I show you how to go from where you are to a 100K plus month after month. It’s never been easier to have the practice of your dreams to help as many people as possible. And as a result, make as much money of as you want. If you haven’t completed the Practice Growth Calculator, look at your screen right now. There will be a QR code, take out your cell phone. Go ahead, take out your cell phone, aim the camera at the code, and please go through the process. It will take you less than a minute. And when you go through the process, it’s just gonna ask you four simple questions.

You’ll know the answers to these questions, and once you answer them, we will then set up a consultation. No charge, no obligation to tell you what’s going on in you and what’s going on in your practice and what modifications and refinements are necessary to get to a 100K plus month after month. So once you complete that, we will also send you as a free gift, are journal filled with 40 pages of practical time tested best in class information on what today’s practitioner needs to have needs to know, and how they need to think to get to a hundred K or more month after month. We’ll be back with you next week with another Thrive in Five. Thank you so much.


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