Chiropractic Practice: Grow Your Practice by More Than $170,000 Without New Patients

Chiropractic Practice: Grow Your Practice by More Than $170,000 Without New Patients

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Chiropractic Practice: Grow Your Practice by More Than $170,000 Without New Patients

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today, We’re gonna discuss how to grow a practice by more than $170,000 without an increase in new patients. We’re gonna review another colleague who took the time to complete the practice growth calculator. As you know, the practice growth calculator is your golden ticket to simple, practical, and highly effective ways to grow your practice. Like never before the doctor today is Daniel and Daniel has a solid practice that he should be very proud of, but a practice that still has room for more growth that I will demonstrate in the next minute or two for you, a practice that is still leaving money on the table and a practice that can collect an extra $170,000 or more in two easy steps that does not involve any additional new patients.

Daniel currently attracts 30 new patients a month. He sees 900 visits on an average month and he collects $53,964 on an average month with a PVA of 30 and an ova of 60. Well, Daniel must become the CEO of his own practice. He cannot try to be the Jack of all trades and the master of none. He wasn’t trained to be the chief financial officer or the chief marketing officer or any of the other essential roles necessary for a flourishing and thriving business in today’s world. He will need to expand his capacity for more growth, more adjustments, more services rendered, more impact and more income. As I take on the position as his chief operating officer, here are my two simple initial recommendations for rapid and sustainable growth for him. I’m recommending that we focus on improving his patient compliance his retention. That’s documented in his PVA growing his PVA from 30 to 35. This is beyond important and essential as a, as patients, as you know are far sicker today than ever before their stress levels at an all time high. And we know for sure that seeing the patient more and more frequently is no longer optional. My second recommendation is to improve his ova, his collection

From $60 a visit to $65 a visit for now. These two simple and easy to accomplish changes will grow his monthly visits from 900 to 1,050 and grow his monthly income from 50 3009 64 to 68,002 50. Now this is a $14,286 monthly increase, which translates over the course of a year to 171,432 additional income. This is how you go from good to great from plateau to highly profitable, from busy to dollar productive. And this is what expert coaching mentoring, and having a COO, a chief operating officer could do for any practice, regardless of you’re bail, getting by, or seeing hundreds of visits a day expert chiropractic coaching focuses you on what is the best and the easiest way to get from where you are now to where you want to be it locates and customizes the fastest and the easiest path to expansion. It removes and corrects the distortions and subluxations in your thinking and in how you practice.

And it allows you to do what you were doing best, what you were trained to do best. And that’s to be the chief clinical officer and the practice visionary as a profession, we’ve been led to believe that the key to growth is just more new patients, more new patients, and that is true some of the time, but nowhere as often as you would think, and there are always key areas of every practice to focus on. And we are the experts at finding those right key areas for every individual doctor and practice. And this is why the master surf global has such an amazing and time tested track record of rapidly growing any type of practice run by any professional, any type of personality, any philosophy, clinical skill, business skill, or even location. This is chiropractic coaching at work when done, right? And this is what happens when you have an experienced chief operating officer, working for you and guiding you and focusing you on what needs to be accomplished for growth.

So many of our colleagues are either hurting or just accepting what they have, but they’re not expressing the greatness they have inside of them and not living up to their potential. So please, I ask you, tap into the practice growth calculator yourself today to discover how easy it is to significantly grow your practice. All you’re gonna need to do is answer four simple questions and then schedule a private consultation to have review of what your results reveal about you and your practice. In this case, it’ll be at the consultation where I show Daniel how to make these two changes. We’ve just discussed. It’s never been easy to have the practice of your dreams

And to help as many patients as you want. It’s never been easier to have a chief operating officer working for you for a fraction of what COOs earn in today’s business world. If you haven’t completed the calculator, please do it today. It’ll take you a minute. If you have completed it, but haven’t scheduled your private consult to review it and learn from it. Well, that’s a must. So get that scheduled today as well. It’s at the private consultation where the trues magic is gonna happen on your screen right now is a QR code. Please take out your phone, go ahead, take it out and scan that QR code. It will take you directly to the practice growth calculator. And once you answer the four simple questions and completed as a gift, you will get this 40 page practice journal jam packed with great articles, pertinent articles, great information, and what the best in the class in our profession are doing to grow and expand in today’s world.

I’m also gonna ask you to clear your calendar and plan to attend our SuperConference coming up October 13th – 15th in Orlando, Florida, the theme is getting inside the head of the decision maker. Isn’t it gonna be awesome when you could influence how people think and behave when you understand how they make their decisions. Well, that’s what this three day event is all about filled with world class speakers. So once again, take out that cell phone, take out your camera, line it up on the QR code. Um, and find out more about this event. When does it start? Where’s it taking place who’s speaking and get yourself and your team registered. I promise you it’ll change your thinking and change your life and your practice once and for all.


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