Chiropractic Practice: How to Generate $200,000 Extra in 2 Easy Steps

Chiropractic Practice: How to Generate $200,000 Extra in 2 Easy Steps

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Chiropractic Practice: How to Generate $200,000 Extra in 2 Easy Steps

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today, we’re gonna discuss how to generate $200,000 extra in two easy steps. As we review another colleague who took the time to complete the practice growth calculator, the practice growth calculator is your golden ticket to simple, practical, and highly effective ways to grow your practice. Like never before the doctor today is Whitney and Whitney has a practice that is in no man’s land, a practice that needs help and guidance, a practice that needs direction and focus and a practice that is fully capable of significant growth. It’s also a practice not expressing its potential. Whitney currently attracts 35. New patients a month has 460 patient visits on an average month and collects $25,000 a month with a PVA of 13.1 and an ova of $54 and 34 cents.

Whitney must become the CEO of her own practice. She cannot try to be the Jack of all trades in the master of none. She wasn’t trained to be a chief financial officer or a chief marketing officer or any of the other essential roles necessary for a flourishing and thriving business. As I take on the position as her COO, her chief operating officer here are my two simple initial recommendations for her to have rapid and sustainable growth. I’m recommending that we really focus on improving her patient compliance, her retention, documented in her PVA and growing it from third, 13.1 visits to 20. This is beyond important and essential as patients are sick of today than ever before their stress levels at an all time high. And we know for sure that seeing the patient more and more frequently is no longer optional. My second recommendation is to improve her ova, her collection per visit from $54 and 34 cents per visit to $60 for now.

These two simple and easy to accomplish changes will grow her monthly visits from 460 visits on an average month to 700 visits and grow her income from $25,000 a month to 42,000. This is a $17,000 monthly increase, which translates to a $204,000 annual increase in collections. And this ladies and gentlemen is how you go from good to grade from plateaued to highly profitable and from busy to dollar productive. And this is what expert coaching mentoring, and having a chief operating officer could do for any practice. Regardless, if you are barely getting by or seeing hundreds of visits a day, expert chiropractic coaching focuses you on what is the best and the easiest way to get from where you are currently to where you want your practice to be it locates and customize the fastest and easiest path to growth in expansion. It removes and corrects the subluxation, the distortion in your thinking and in your practice flow.

And it allows you to do what you do best and what you were trained to do. And that is to be the chief clinical officer and practice visionary. Of course, as her chief operating officer, I will need to train her and focus her on how to, and why to grow her PVA and ova and what to expect when she does that. I could take these responsibilities off her plate so she could focus on what she’s best at and accelerate her growth or service to mankind and her collections and profitability. And this, this is why The Masters Circle Global has such an amazing and time tested track record of growing any type of chiropractic practice run by any type of personality, regardless of the doctor’s philosophy, location, business, skill, clinical skill, or anything else. This is chiropractic coaching at work when done properly. And this is what happens when you have an experienced chief operating officer, working with you.

And for you, all you need to do is answer four simple questions and schedule your private consultation to have a review of what your practice calculated results reveal about you and your practice. In this case, it’ll be at the consultation where I show this doctor how to make the two changes we just discussed. It’s never been easier to have the practice of your dreams to help as many people as possible. And as a result, make as much money as you want. It’s never been easier to pinpoint exactly which statistic or statistics are your linchpins to sustainable practice growth. And it’s never been easier to have a chief operating officer working for you for a fraction of what chief operating officers normally earn. If you haven’t completed the calculated, get that done today, don’t procrastinate. And if you have completed it, but haven’t scheduled your private consult to review it and learn from it.

Well, get that schedule today as well. It’s at the private consult where the true magic will happen on your screen as a QR code, take out your phone right now. I mean right now, and scan that QR code, it will take you directly to the practice growth calculator. And once you answer the four simple questions and complete it as a gift, we are going to send you this amazing 40 page journal filled with cutting edge information, things that the best in class in our profession know and do on a regular basis. Things you should be knowing and doing also on your calendar. I want you to clear it so that you can attend super conference. Our super conference is taking place October 13th to 15th in Orlando, Florida. And it’s learning how to get inside the head of the decision maker. There’s a QR code here as well. Take out your camera once again, and just flash on that QR code. It’ll take you right to our, our information so that you can learn everything about it, including who our guest speakers are. There is a ton of them. They’re all icons in our profession. This is an event you do not wanna miss because you need to learn how to get inside the head of the decision makers to become far more influential. See you soon. We’ll catch up with you again next Monday.

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