Chiropractic Practice Management: How To Handle Too Many New Patients

Chiropractic Practice Management: How To Handle Too Many New Patients

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Chiropractic Practice Management: How To Handle Too Many New Patients

Hello everybody, and welcome to Thrive In Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman from the Master Circle Global, and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. Today, we’re going to talk about how to handle too many new patients. Now I know what some of you are thinking. Too many new patients? There’s no such thing as too many new patients. Well, we’re going to get into that in a moment. While others of you might be thinking, boy, that would be a really great problem to have, to have too many new patients. Well, you’d be surprised. You see, the definition of too many new patients is different for everybody. I know doctors who attract 80 to 100 new patients a month, and they’re always looking for more. I know others who attract rare new patients, one or two a week, and yet they feel fulfilled by that. They feel that that’s just what they need.

So, I’m going to start by saying there is no definition of the right number or too many new patients. You have to decide that based on your own capacity, and that’s where the fun comes in. You see, the whole idea of attracting too many new patients is going to be, how can you develop the capacity to be able to handle the number of people you really want? Now, if there’s too many “new patients”, that sounds like it’s going to lead to overwhelm. This is the most important concept that we need to understand in processing many new patients, is that the moment we start to get to overwhelm, we’re already playing comeback ball. We’ve already lost our place ,and our opportunity. Now the antidote to overwhelm is proper chunking. Oh, I know, it doesn’t sound very glamorous. Yet, this one tool I’m going to share with you today, is going to revolutionize your ability to improve and grow your practice.

You see, everybody has a certain level that they feel reasonably comfortable at, but in order to grow, you’ve got to learn how to feel comfortable at a higher level. Well, how do you do that? Well, let me use a metaphor. Now it’s, the winter is over and we’re coming into springtime, but over the winter, I like to burn wood in my fireplace. I really enjoy my fireplace. So, when I have the firewood company bring me the firewood each season, they bring the firewood, they dump it in the front of my driveway, because they’re not going to bring it around back for me, where it has to be stacked. I got to do that myself. Well, I can’t pick up a half a cord of firewood. My arms aren’t long enough. My back’s not strong enough. Yet, if I take one little log to the back, at a time, it’s going to take me a long, long time to move all that wood.

So, I have to adapt by finding the right number of logs to take, so that I can move them to the back expediently, and have it not take too long, but not overstress my arms and my back. In other words, I have to find the right chunk size of the firewood. In this case, it’s about three or four logs. That way I triple or quadruple the pace at which I do this, so I don’t have to worry about it taking too long. Yet, at three or four logs, that I can definitely handle it, so I don’t have to worry about it over-stressing me. This is an example of proper chunking in action. Now, what does that have to do with new patients? Well, you see, if you want to attract more and more new patients, even “too many new patients”, you’d better learn how to chunk the process, so that you can stay out of overwhelm.

Now, what are the chunks of processing a new patient? Well, they may be unique to your office, but basically you begin with a consultation, a history, an exam. Then typically, you would release the patient to compile the information you gathered. Shortly thereafter, you bring the person back for a report of findings, so that you can explain exactly what you found, and help the patient to commit to themselves and to your program of care, so that they get the best results from your care. Now, if it takes you an hour to do a consultation, history, exam, and another hour to do a report of findings, can you see how that very large chunk size will interfere with your ability to handle too many patients? If you had to do two or three a day, for goodness sake, there just wouldn’t be enough time to be able to take care of the other patients.

So, the proper chunk size for you is going to be to explore how do I do my consultation, history, exam as efficiently as possible, so that it takes as little time as I can, but still gets me the great result of the information I need, plus the patient being engaged? Likewise, in the report of findings, how do I chunk my report of findings so that I can do it in the right amount of time and energy, expending just the number of resources that I need, and not squandering anything? As I said, this is a unique and individual experience for each doctor. You have to determine what that chunk size is. But the beginning of being able to process too many new patients, is for you to examine and refine your intake process, so that you can handle the consultation, history, exam and the report of findings expediently.

Those doctors I know, who handle tremendous numbers of new patients, not only chunk the process into consultation, history, exam, and report of findings, but they also have associated doctors or highly skilled assistants who assist them in this process. You always wanted to make sure that you, doctor, are paying attention to doing only the things that you can do or the things that only you can do, and delegate everything else, so that way, you create the capacity to be able to handle too many new patients. Now, there’s an X factor here. The X factor is passion, because if you want to handle too many new patients, you better create a passionate, attractive force that brings these candidates into your sphere of influence, so that you can make a big difference in their lives. As fate would have it, the seminar we have coming up in Orlando in May is specifically about becoming a passion brand.

It’s about helping to transform your patients into raving fans, into evangelists that do your marketing for you, and attract exactly the right kind of patients, so that you too can attract too many new patients. If you want to find out more about the seminar, just run your phone, put it on camera, run the scanner over the QR code you see on the screen in front of you, or you can go to the link that we have right there for you, and you can be taken right to this landing page to find out more about this extraordinary event. Handling too many new patients, sounds like a dream for some, sounds like a burden for others, but the key is not the number. The key is for you to continue to grow, continue to make the biggest difference possible in people’s lives, and you too can attract too many new patients, and process them effortlessly, stresslessly and lovingly. Thank you for watching. This is Dr. Dennis Perman from the Master Circle Global, signing off for Thrive In Five.


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