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 "SuperConference 2021, October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, will give you the rules of the game only the most successful practices know!"

Our Most Logical Next Step Expert Speakers

SuperConference -- where legends are made and
legendary practices are built!

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We guarantee you will leave SuperConference 2021 with the most logical next steps to getting more new patients, getting them better faster, getting them to stay and refer, and get paid what you are worth for your services or we will refund the cost of the tuition.

Do not miss your opportunity to hear and ask questions of Dr. Porges, the author of The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-Regulation.


Dr. Stephen W. Porges Ph.D.

"SuperConference 2021 is all about making it easier for you to
do business and for people to do business with you."

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"Every speaker at Super- Conference has been hand-picked by us because they have proven success strategies
that work."

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Bob Hoffman, DC

Dennis Perman, DC

Do not hesitate -- like our Orlando Seminar, SUPERCONFERENCE will sell out

Every practice decision you make is based on habits developed
through years of experience of your own or someone else's.
Then there was a Pandemic, and there were no longer any
experiences to base those decisions on... until NOW!

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"Experiencing a concept is the best way to
understand and eventually use it."




Fear Based

Fear Based



Every decision patients make about their health is based on habits developed through years of propaganda by someone else. Then there was a Pandemic, and now their decisions are based on even more propaganda than ever.

You are the expert, and they want to know they are making a good choice.

SuperConference gives you the tools you need for the solutions they want.


SuperConference is all about you having a
winner's edge in life and business.

Do not hesitate -- like our Orlando Seminar, SUPERCONFERENCE will sell out.

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We guarantee you will leave SuperConference 2021 with the most logical next steps to getting more new patients, getting them better faster, getting them to stay and refer, and get paid what you are worth for your services or we will refund the cost of the tuition.

Patients cannot tell you how to serve them
and what will satisfy them, but we can!

Meet Your Very Own Practice Team


Matt Loop, DC
Unmasking Social Media Practice Growth Strategies for Chiropractors


Stephen Porges, Ph.D
The Transformative Power of  Helping Your Patients Feel Safe.


Erik Kowalke, DC
Leveraging Technology to Increase New Patients, Retention and Collections


Ryan Cedermark, DC
The Science of Restoring Neurological Function, the Key to Patient Compliance


Katinka van der Merwe, DC
Your Secret Weapon Behind Your Practice Exploding Superpowers

 Kyle Daigle

Kyle Daigle, DC
The "Above the Neck-Down" Approach - Unmasking What Your Patients Really Need to Hear

Hoffman SQ

Bob Hoffman, DC
Why A COO is the Only Logical Next Step to Massive Growth


Every attendee will receive a copy of our timeless special
Practice Unmasking Journal with special useable practice growth articles from some of the top thought leaders in the profession.

Dennis Crop

Dennis Perman, DC
Unmasking The Leader Within, and Unmasking Your Team's Potential.

Sharik Peck, PT

Sharik Peck, PT
Having The Right Tool to
Tune Out Pain and Tune
into Life -- The Science
Behind Patient Healing.


Sam Collins, DC
Removing the Hidden Roadblocks that Keep You from Getting Paid What
You Are Worth.

Stu Crop

Stuart Hoffman, DC
Is Unmasked Unprotected? Risk Management in a Post- Pandemic World.

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Your staff inadvertently sets patients up to fail by over- or underwhelming them.
Reduce friction, time pressure, unnecessary choices, and stress to improve the experience
and satisfaction of your staff. SUPERCONFERENCE will empower your employees to be
genuine, kind, super-productive, and go above and beyond the expectations of your patients.
It will make a big difference!


Dr. Pelly

Dr. Pelly and Staff

Dr. Natusch

Drs. Natusch and McLelland and Staff

Dr. Portnoy

Dr. Portnoy and Staff

Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson and Staff

Dr. Kaurich

Dr. Kaurich and Staff

Dr. Bakko

Dr. Bakko and Staff

Dr. Smiley

Dr. Smiley and Staff

Dr. Hoang

Dr. Hoang and Staff

Dr. Trainor

Dr. Trainor and Staff

Dr. Spero

Dr. Van der Merwe and Staff

Dr. Kirzner

Dr. Kirzner and Staff

Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant and Staff

This simple shift will help you communicate better
with your team and your patients.

There are reasons why all those who attend our seminars are
delighted in the way they generate success, loyalty and referrals.
Here is why you will also!

"What's happening here is cutting edge. It keeps getting better every time I come. We're having so much fun and I cannot wait to implement it when I get back Monday morning." Jessica Smiley, DC

"I have a whole list of actionable steps that I'm going to take home and implement Monday morning." Bruce Phillips, DC

"Bob and Dennis are constantly stretching the envelope on how practice growth was meant to be. Every DC should be here, every DC should be improving just like we do every day in our office with The Masters Circle." Skylar Bakko, DC


"Bob and Dennis are absolutely amazing, teaching us cutting-edge technology and just helping us be better people and grow our practice more." Danielle Baron, DC

"The seminar was absolutely incredible so far. It's cutting edge and what's the most amazing thing is that there are so many incredible things available to us as chiropractors to treat and help people now. " Dr. Jeff Osterman, DC

"Well, it's great to be here at The Masters Circle. In my 40 years of practice, this is one of the best seminars I've been to. Great material that I just never really heard before, especially put in this way. Bob and Dennis are amazing." Myles Starkman, DC

"I am so grateful that I came this weekend. They have fed my heart, mind, and soul with things that I can implement immediately. I can't wait to get back to practice. I hope that you can join us sometime too. Thank you." Sharon Garvey, DC

"I'm so excited to be at The Masters Circle. I've heard so many amazing concepts this weekend to help me to be better at what I do. The Masters Circle is on the leading and cutting edge of all the latest technology and everything that makes us the best we can be." Mary Jane Mack

"This is my 39th year of practice. I am so energized from this Masters Circle Event. I have learned cutting-edge ideas that will revolutionize my practice; change it for the next 30. I am excited to get back and get going." Lori Portnoy, DC

"The material that Bob and Dennis are presenting this weekend is amazing. It is absolutely the most revolutionary stuff I've seen in my 37-year career. Every single chiropractor should absolutely know this and own it and learn it from the best people." Bradley Clow, DC

"I've been a Masters Circle member off and on for about eight years, but these seminars now are cutting edge. We're so happy to be part of this leading edge of the brain-based wellness movement, and this weekend has been a phenomenal opportunity to bring our team together and build some rapport and get our energy up. I can't say enough great things about The Masters Circle." Leo Hart, DC

"Here at The Masters Circle's event in Orlando, Florida. And I'm learning some great things that I'm going to apply in my office on Monday morning. And this is the way chiropractic ought to be done. Come here and get to learn how to do this." Lew Arrandt, DC

"I am a long-term member of The Masters Circle and Dennis and Bob never cease to amaze me on the new explosive, energizing information that they have regarding my practice and how I can build my practice, improve the practice. I go home from these seminars every time with new information that I can implement on Monday morning." K.J. Shannon, DC

"I'm a member of The Masters Circle. We just had this amazing seminar, and the amount of information and knowledge that I'm getting, new stuff that's cutting edge, that's so exciting, that every chiropractor should be learning. I can't wait to go back to my patients and do some wonderful things." Tami Nelson, DC



"Thanks to the Masters Circle Global principles and coaching with Dr. Hoffman, my practice is back to 90-95% pre-COVID levels and has been for a few months now!" Brian Wussow, DC


""As a result of the coaching that I have received with the Masters Circle I can firmly state that my practice has never been healthier even in the face of a 4 week mandatory shutdown and the continual COVID-19 related mandates." Jeff Parker, DC


"I am happy to say that Smiley Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center is serving more people and collecting more money than we have in years during a global pandemic!! Jessica Smiley, DC


"Through the work I've done with Dennis and the Masters Circle, my weekly patient visits have doubled even through COVID." Federico Angel, DC


"We are now back to 100% pre-COVID business flow and growing above that threshold as we speak!" Bryan Natusch, DC


"We are at 100% of our pre-COVID numbers for New Patients. Our patient visits are also at the 100% of pre-COVID levels. And our collections are above the numbers prior to the pandemic." Bradley Clow, DC


 "It was so exciting to compare my statistics today and to see how amazing I am doing in spite of the COVID crisis.  Thanks to The Masters Circle I am thriving instead of surviving!" Amber Runnerstrum, DC

About The Masters Circle Global

Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Dennis Perman build successful chiropractic clinics, each custom-tailored to the individual doctor or group. Their unique non-formula style of chiropractic coaching, practice management, and growth is based on identifying your purpose, your identity, and your ideal patients – once you connect the dots, you can also be successful,
your way.

Every week they actively engage hundreds of doctors in offices around the globe. As a result, they can help you understand what it takes for you to succeed in today's and tomorrow's chiropractic practice.

Hoffman SQ

Bob Hoffman, DC

Founder and President

Perman Sq

Dennis Perman, DC

Founder and President