Deviations Off The Center Line

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May 18, 2020

Deviations Off The Center Line

Dear Doctor:

One of my key mentors, Dr. John Demartini, taught me about the center line, the inherent balance of the universe. Through light and love, all things come into cosmic equilibrium, and deviations off this center line create an equal and opposite reaction, maintaining the stability of all existence.

So, it no longer shocks me to see extreme positions stated fervently and definitively, as if they are the only acceptable reality – the rhythms of our culture bob and weave around this center line, always returning to a steady state eventually, but any snapshot in time would reflect the turbulence and asymmetry that ultimately converge to generate that equalization.

I received a copy of an official-looking document, sponsored by important-sounding people, pronouncing that, while chiropractic care may have proven itself for musculoskeletal problems, any mention of its effect on immune function should be purged out of our practices. It went so far as to say that anyone who does not follow this draconian doctrine should be – get this — prosecuted.

Now, you know that I am a freedom freak – go be as weird, as self-serving and as off the beaten track as you prefer, as long as it doesn’t hurt more than it helps. I’ll fight to my last breath for your right to express yourself as long as I get the same privilege – that is an advantage of our free society.

Yet, whom does it hurt to share the “off-label” benefits of chiropractic care? MDs do it with drugs all the time. Treating infectious disease is clearly not in our scope, yet we’ve all had experiences where people healed from many maladies under our care. I didn’t use a “treatment” model, I just adjusted patients, yet I saw asthma, allergies, acid reflux and amenorrhea alleviated – and that’s just the “a’s”.

So, I acknowledge the right of these extremists to declare their position, and at the same time, I proclaim mine. Good chiropractic, properly delivered, is good for people, no matter their health status, with few exceptions. To restrict the research being done in chiropractic offices worldwide because someone is worried that we’ll overstate our case, well, that is anti-scientific, anti-progress, and untenable. You simply can’t ignore the center line. The need for chiropractic has never been greater, and of course, that spawns the resistance we see in this controversial and dogmatic manifesto.

Where’s the research showing that chiropractic care is not useful “off-label?” Who has tested to see if adjustments help people with diseases outside our typical population? Ninety percent of coronavirus patients who go on ventilators die – what if some enlightened COVID ward brought in a chiropractor to adjust those who are barely hanging on, to see if any rally? Or, prove it doesn’t help, or kills people faster, or whatever, that’s real science, not the reactionary pablum this group is trying to pawn off.

I’m tired of self-appointed prophets telling me what I can and can’t do. My chiropractic license says I can adjust spines. It’s what I was trained to do and what I’m registered to do. It’s my professional role to determine who’s a candidate and who is not — that’s between me, my patient and my Maker, within ethical, legal and moral guidelines, and I’ll be dipped and boiled if some self-righteous radicals are going to tell me or thousands of DCs I have coached what we are or are not permitted to do.

So, they’ve said their piece – here’s mine. I caution every doctor I work with not to make flagrant and unsubstantiated claims. With that said, everyone needs the power and potency of chiropractic reasoning in their health care, the implementation of which is to be applied based on the individual patient’s needs, consistent with the law and the doctor’s judgment. If there are no contraindications, a patient with a subluxation would benefit from the right adjustment, regardless of condition. ‘Nuf said.

Dennis Perman DC,
for The Masters Circle Global

PS – As the world awakens, don’t go to sleep – prepare to lead. Work together. Be loving. Do good.