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Dear Doctor:

I was speaking with one of the smartest people I know, and he told me that one of the smartest people he knows is very pro-vaccine. He claims it’s a numbers game – 15,000 have died from the vaccine, 700,000 have died from COVID, therefore, the vaccine is a better gamble.

Here’s my issue with that reasoning. If 724,000 have died out of 45 million positive cases, that means 1.6% of the positive cases die, so your odds are 60 to 1 of surviving COVID if you get it. And, there are many who have had COVID or are positive but weren’t tested, maybe tens of millions or more. So the mortality rate is actually much smaller, maybe less than 1% of those who get the virus.

Enter the vaccine – does it prevent people from dying? Let’s say it does. But what are the other consequences? More people have reported side effects from the vaccine than have died from COVID. No one wants to die, but your odds are better than 99 in 100, while a new report from the WHO says that the number of adverse reactions reported in the last nine months are eight times the number caused by influenza vaccines… over the last 52 years.

And that’s just the ones they know about, and that’s just so far. They’ll keep vaccinating us until somebody stops them. And the potential harm? The WHO’s VigiAccess database says that among those who were vaccinated and recorded their response, 77.4% had at least one systemic reaction.

There was a gradient of adversity, with younger people affected more (82.8%) compared to older vaccinees, at 70.6% — but both numbers are shocking, and the idea that such toxicity is tolerated is abhorrent, even when they spin it that “side effects mean the vaccine is working.” Really? Says who?

There were more adverse reactions after the second shot than the first. Most were mild or moderate, with fatigue, headache, muscle pain and fever the most common symptoms. But look at the order of magnitude – VigiAccess says that for the flu vaccine, there were 266,955 cases over half a century, including 847,097 adverse reactions, while COVID-19 vaccines yielded 2,201,851 cases, eight times more, with 5,306,322 adverse reactions. Millions are being injured, and it’s only been nine months.

The post-vaccination reactions are even more disturbing and terrifying when broken down by condition – for example, under “Blood and lymphatic system disorders,” 5,568 cases were reported from flu vaccines, about 9 per month, while for the same condition, 88,967 people suffered from the COVID vaccine, almost 10,000 per month. For the flu vaccine, cardiac dysfunction showed up 5,716 times compared to 108,468 times with the COVID vaccine, almost nineteen times more frequently. Nerve system problems manifested 71,091 times with the flu vaccine, and a whopping 952,822 times from the COVID vaccine – well, you get the picture. This stuff is already much more dangerous and poisonous than flu shots, and we have no idea and no way to tell what will happen down the road.

In their fear and hysteria, the authorities are insisting, even mandating, that people inject this hazardous stuff into their bodies, and they can’t predict the outcome – but the early returns are not too good. Maybe fewer people are dying, and if you want to attribute that to the vaccine and not to natural immunity, that’s your choice. But there is no disputing the peril of this intervention – if you’re one of the unlucky ones, your life will be compromised in some large or small way. If you have a 99% chance of survival even if you do get sick, are those odds you can live with, to avoid the jab risk?

Our philosophy gives us the answers we need to identify our best position on this dilemma – get the big idea and all else follows. Consider things natural, and we will find a way through this.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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