Episode 19: Dr. George Gonzalez- Discovering the Holographic Nervous System

Dr. George Gonzalez-Discovering the Holographic Nervous System
Dr. George Gonzalez is a renowned lecturer and expert in the activation and expansion of the Nervous System. He has developed a patented, systematic process for evaluating and correcting the Nervous System that began while researching a solution for his wife’s spinal cord injury. The collection of techniques that led to her full recovery became Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. This advanced nerve rehabilitation system has provided countless patients improvement in their injury, illness or condition.
Dr. Gonzalez is the author of numerous articles, case studies and video trainings to support the development of Nervous System guided care. He has consulted with companies and has lectured to thousands of doctors worldwide.
Additionally, he consults doctors who treat amateur and pro-athletes, chronically ill and disabled patients, autism spectrum disorders, stroke and brain injury repair, to name a few. He has lectured his revolutionary concepts internationally since early 2000.

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