Episode 194: Dr. Bob Hoffman-The Evolution of Healing

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3000 years ago, traditional Chinese medicine. One of the world’s oldest systems of medicine applies a holistic perspective to achieve health and wellbeing is introduced. This is important because we have to recognize that the oldest forms of healthcare were vitalistic in nature. It was about recognizing that we need to improve our health versus trying to recover our health. And at about the same time was the birth of Vedic healthcare. Another holistic system that strives to create harmony between body, mind, and spirit, similar to what we do, just applying it and approaching it from a different perspective. So the history, the original roots that were driven down deep in healthcare were all about similar philosophies, similar perspectives that each and every one of us have 400 BC Hippocrates referred to as the father of medicine. He was a Greek physician whose focus was on preventing disease instead of treating disease. And he argued that disease was a product of poor diet or lifestyle and environmental factors for those chiropractors. We know that we’ve been saying since we began chiropractic school, look to the spine for the cause of disease that came from Hippocrates. So as far back as we can go, we see the foundation of what we believe and what our philosophy.


1765, the first medical college in the United States opens up at the university of Pennsylvania. What most people don’t realize ladies and gentlemen is that the practice of medicine at that time was a part time occupation because midwives and lay practitioners took care of most medical matters. This is why no school had ever even opened up previous. And this is an important distinction because we have to realize that medicine isn’t, the dominant force in healthcare never has been. Now, there have been times that they took over dominance, but it didn’t start out that way and it won’t end up that way. Would you agree?