Episode 20: Drs. Bob Hoffman & Terry Rondberg- The New Chiropractic Conversation: Brain Based Wellness Care

Drs. Bob Hoffman & Terry Rondberg-The New Chiropractic Conversation: Brain Based Wellness Care
Listen in as Dr. Terry Rondberg interviews Dr. Bob Hoffman. The information shared during this hour-long discussion is “quite a feast.” Dr. Hoffman knows you can have the practice of your dreams and positively influence health and wellness even more.

He is extremely passionate about not changing what chiropractic is, but he feels as BJ and DD Palmer did, that we can advance the profession if we are willing to progress and adapt to new ways in which we deliver care.

As neuroscience, research and technology reveal opportunities for even greater excellence within our profession, we must take advantage of how it enhances our clinical work and practice—and most of all benefits practice members and patients.

The concept of brain based wellness care, and intuitive consciousness is catching fire. We know The philosophy of chiropractic is about adapting, refining, transforming and upgrading the profession—wellness for the body, rewarding business practices, and satisfying hours spent doing the work we love.

But the question still remains—Dr. Bob Hoffman states it this way:

“We have to start asking different questions from the get-go—is it possible to improve upon how we are delivering care? I will always be a subluxationist, but I am one hundred percent convinced that chiropractors must shift their thinking from spine, bone and pain care—to nervous system and brain care.”