Episode 24: Dr. Rich Aplin- The WHY Behind What We Do

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Dr. Rich Aplin- The WHY Behind What We Do
Dr. Richard Aplin is a 1986 graduate of National College of Chiropractic and has his postgraduate certification in Chiropractic Spinal Trauma. He was the past philosophy chairman for the Alabama State Association and currently serves as the chief certification instructor with CEO and actively travels internationally to instruct fellow doctors in Neurologically Based Chiropractic. Dr. Aplin has contributed actively to the research community in both homeopathy and chiropractic and participated in the development of the “NeuroInfiniti Program” and “NeuroInfiniti” suite for the neurological chiropractic practice.

He is also a panel presenter and instructor for the International Congress of EDS Health Practitioners and he currently serves as frequent moderator for an international live forum on neurological chiropractic. As a board member and Guidelines and Research Committee member for the Counsel on Chiropractic Practice, he has tremendous influence on the current and future state of the chiropractic profession. He enjoys road and mountain biking, fly-fishing and playing Latin percussion.