Episode 34: Dr. Cynthia Porter- 7 Simple Steps to Market Brain Based Wellness

Dr. Cynthia Porter- 7 Simple Steps to Market Brain Based Wellness
In September of 2003 Tidewater Women, a Virginia-based publication, featured Cynthia Porter on the cover-and with good reason. Her unique franchised business, Positive Changes, had enhanced the lives of thousands of men and women.

These clients had lost weight, quit smoking, and conquered stress, and they discovered the life-changing opportunity Positive Changes offered through Cynthia’s hundreds of inspiring and testimonial-packed advertisements, a comprehensive website, and a two-hundred-thousand subscription newsletter called Positive Changes Today, which she edited and designed.

Cynthia and her husband, Patrick K. Porter, PhD, founded Positive Changes in 1987 and built it into a multi-million dollar franchise, which featured the Porter’s exclusive light & sound brain wave training technology designed to aid clients in changing habits and behaviors for improved health and overall rejuvenation. The Porters sold the franchise in 2006.

Today Cynthia consults with more than 900 health clinics and spas worldwide, supporting them in delivering brain-based health and wellness with the Porters’ MindFit brain wave training device. She is VP of marketing for PorterVision, LLC and is owner and director of Solantis Light Spa, a unique health & beauty concept featuring the Porters’ MindFit technology along with spa-grade LED light services for stress reduction, weight-loss and health rejuvenation.

She completed her doctorate at LaSalle University in 1992 and is a Society of NLP Certified Training Specialist. She was the editor or co-author of eight personal development books with her husband, Dr. Patrick Porter. The pair moved from California to New Bern, NC in 2013 to be closer to their family, and especially their two small grandchildren, who are the light of their lives.

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