Episode 36: Dr. Eric Nepute- Generating Profit the Brain Based Way

Dr. Eric Nepute- Generating Profit the Brain Based Way
Dr. Eric Nepute is the current owner of Nepute Wellness Center in St. Louis, MO. At a young age, Dr. Eric’s dream was to become a top surgeon – until a shoulder injury led to a revelation. Having been told from numerous doctors that he would never be able to play football again (his favorite sport and hobby), Dr. Eric was distraught. It was only when he met a chiropractor who was able to put his shoulder into a state where it could heal itself, it became obvious that chiropractic was the path he was meant to take.

Dr. Eric committed himself to a career in Chiropractic Wellness Care and went on to graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic with advanced studies in sports medicine, advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, internal health and anti-aging. He has made it his mission to empower each person to no longer be a victim of their health or circumstances and instead learn how their body works and how to achieve a state of total wellness. Through lectures, a strategic marketing plan, multiple appearances on television and radio shows and word of mouth within his community, Dr. Eric built his empire of a practice – averaging 10,000 office visits and 200 new patients a month.

Due to his success, Dr. Eric has become a sought after speaker at some of the top and most attended chiropractic seminars. He was the featured key note speaker for The Masters Circle-s Spring Seminar Series – “The New Rules for Chiropractic Practice Mastery.” As the 2014 recipient of The Masters Circle-s Winners Circle Chiropractor of the Year award, he is very excited to be making his debut on the SuperConference stage. He has perfected the operations of running a successful practice and chiropractors and their assistants can-t get enough of his strategies, suggestions and recommendations.