Episode 39: Dr. Bob Hoffman- The Missing Link to Success

Dr. Bob Hoffman- The Missing Link to Success
No chiropractor combines leadership and business acumen the way Dr. Bob Hoffman does – an unparalleled service orientation, a keen sense of market trends and how they affect return on investment, a practical expertise in office systems and a profound love for the chiropractic principle. Put it all together, and you get a practice that helps as many people as possible, who pay a fair fee for an outstanding experience in your office.

The Missing Link to Success, you’ll learn the keys to running and building a practice with high integrity, high productivity & profitability, and low stress. Dr. Hoffman will show you how to run a great business with systems that notice and respond to every chance to help someone, educate patients to comply and refer, provide more special services & products, and lead those around you to a better life.

This podcast is 1 of 4 classes selected from Dr. Hoffman’s best selling album, The Business of Chiropractic. Click the product image for more information.

The Business of Chiropractic