Episode 44: Dr. Leslie Hewitt- The New Metrics for the New Chiropractic Paradigm

Dr. Leslie Hewitt-The New Metrics for the New Chiropractic Paradigm

The WOW Talks is the BIGGEST women’s health and wellness
educational community in the country, led by Dr. Leslie Hewitt, CEO & Mama WOW

Their Mission:
Promote empowered leadership for women in healthcare, politics, and business through education, advocacy and accountability.

Their Vision:
Provide a safe and supportive environment for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate with resources to make informed choices.

Their Goals:
1. Advocacy: Advancing women to roles of leadership.
2. Professional Development: WOW is the trusted resource for training and education.
3. Public Awareness: Promote awareness for women to make informed choice.
4. Leadership: Sustaining the resources and leadership to empower women.

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