Evidence That Nature Knows Better

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Dear Doctor:

I called it — welcome the Mu variant (not Epsilon, as I predicted). It’s in 47 states, and OMG, it will fall outside the typical immunities they say come from their vaccine – hmm, could that mean we need… more vaccines? You don’t have to be a research virologist to see what is happening here.

Speaking of research virologists, it’s raining articles and videos that call this pseudoscience on its shortcomings – if you can find him, check out Ryan Cole on Facebook, he’s already been booted from YouTube. He spells out the detrimental effect this gene therapy has on the immune response to other viruses, among other unsettling observations — find it before it’s completely suppressed.

And, an Israeli study says natural immunity is 13 times stronger than the Pfizer product. Scientists at Tel Aviv University found that those who were infected with the virus are 13 times less likely to get sick than those who were vaccinated – doesn’t speak too highly for their all-in effort to get shots into everyone, does it? Could that mean that we might have been better off letting the virus run its course, like with every other virus, and instead invested in finding appropriate treatment for those who do get sick? This new study is not yet peer-reviewed, but it’s no more experimental than the vaccine itself.

Wait, here’s another – the CDC confesses that the potency of the vaccine is waning since the onset of the Delta variant. Of course, their interpretation is we need more and better vaccines (shocker, huh?), but the fact is, the natural tendency is for viruses to become endemic, meaning they persist but decrease in virulence over time, which reinforces what the authorities don’t want you to realize – the Delta variant is more contagious but less lethal. Many people get it, but fewer people die.

And that will probably be true about Mu as well, though they would prefer that you quake in fear and run obediently to get jabbed. The Israel study concluded that “natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

I could keep going, there are plenty more articles, studies and research projects, none of which get any positive attention, because the government, media and Organized Health have bet everything on their high-stakes vaccination program. They have to trash other approaches, demeaning Vitamins C and D and zinc, long known to enhance immune antiviral activity, and ignore or badmouth drugs that could easily add something, because it would cost them too much to accept a simple, inexpensive answer to the problem they have amplified into the single top-of-mind conundrum our culture faces.

It would be bad enough if it only didn’t work that well, but if you believe the research virologists, these shots may actually disrupt normal immune function, and in many patients will manifest as serious disease in the coming years. Will their answer be more drugs and experimental vaccines? Or will common sense finally prevail, in the form of a worldwide campaign to make ourselves so healthy that viruses don’t matter? They know that 78% of those who succumbed to COVID-19 were obese – where is the uproar to persuade us to take better care of ourselves so these viruses are more likely to peacefully co-exist, like all the other viruses that were supposed to wipe us out but didn’t?

We have waited patiently for an opportunity to tell our truth – the time has never been so right. We don’t have to disparage medicine, we have to promote wellness. Avoid unnecessary land mines, but convince people to apply health practices and build immunity naturally – it will make a difference.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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