Exercise and COVID

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Dear Doctor:

I’ve been ranting for months about the fallacy of putting all the COVID eggs in Big Pharma’s basket, but the widespread fear mixed with the oversimplified media blitz has drowned out all but the most ardent opposition. While some of us already realize the benefit of non-toxic remedies and supportive lifestyle decisions, there’s a new study that relates exercise to a decreased rate of COVID-19 death.

Kaiser Permanente did an extensive review of over 48,000 participants, and discovered a measurable drop in coronavirus fatality for those who exercise the oft-recommended 150 minutes a week, in any configuration. Twenty-two minutes a day, 30 minutes on five days, longer periods or ten-minute bursts, all of it seemed to contribute to better overall health and wellness, and less frequency of terminal COVID. The group that exercised least had twice the jeopardy of those who exercised most.

This is a rare gesture toward the idea that we can proactively ward off some or all of the dangers of coronavirus infection and disease if we adjust our habits accordingly.

By last count, 78% of the 580,000 COVID-19 fatalities had at least one thing in common – obesity. We knew its effect on heart disease, cancer and diabetes – now we can add COVID to that list.

The good news is, this is actually something we and those we touch and serve can do something about. If it never appealed enough to develop a routine of regular exercise for pure health reasons, now there is extra leverage – it decreases the chances of dying from this scourge, and as such demands that we pay attention and take action.

Many of our friends and neighbors have bought into the half-baked immunization propaganda – not shocking, since they are getting pounded mercilessly by those who either truly believe that a vaccine is the best answer, or those who act that way because they have ulterior motives.

There’s enough question about the related science that it shouldn’t be accepted hook, line and sinker – and while about half of our citizens have been inoculated, the remaining half is proving to be less likely to just take their word for it, and the number of daily vaccinations is diminishing significantly.

That’s making the authorities frantic, because they have bet everything on a “herd immunity” that they say occurs when about three quarters of the population takes the vaccine – and they are nowhere near that, and probably won’t get there.

Yet, the deaths and hospitalizations are way down from the peaks – is it the vaccine, or is it that Innate Intelligence, bothered as it may be by the gene therapy and other injections running roughshod over things natural, is doing its job as it always does?

The only kind of herd immunity that makes any sense cannot be dependent on booster shots. Health is inside out, and only when our bodies accommodate the virus and learn how to respond healthfully will we no longer be as compromised by this oppressive environment.

I really don’t blame people for their acquiescence to this misguided scheme, as the leaders of the band have been playing loudly – but there are whispers about a better way starting to take shape, and not only will they protect us from early death from coronavirus, they will also improve the quality of our lives. Exercise, diet, sleep, stress reduction and chiropractic care – what will it take for our sphere of influence to realize that they hold the answer in their own hands, hearts and minds? It gives us something to think about, and something to commit to.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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