Field Of Dreams

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Dear Doctor:

I have been a baseball fan since Roger Maris hit 61 home runs – I was eight years old, and nothing was more emotionally engaging for me than watching the Yankees win. So you can imagine my delight, when sixty years later MLB announced that the Yankees would play the White Sox in Iowa, scant yards away from the original site of the Field of Dreams – I could only ask, “Is this heaven?”

It would have been storybook – August 12 of ‘21, Yankees’ last at bat, trailing by three, Aaron Judge blasts a two-run homer into the cornfields, then Giancarlo Stanton does the same, and now the Yanks lead 8-7 with just Chicago’s last licks between them and victory. Add into the mix that New York was 11-0 in games that both Judge and Stanton hit round-trippers, and it looked like a good bet.

But the Sox didn’t get the memo, Tim Anderson crushed the Yankees’ hopes with a two-run walk-off dinger of his own, and serendipity smiled on the home team, we lost.

Next day, I was driving home from getting my adjustment, and there’s a van cruising next to me with a ladder and some other stuff on top. I didn’t think anything of it, and suddenly, the ladder came loose from the van’s roof and slid off at about 50 MPH, hitting the road with a crash! If I was behind the van instead of next to it, it would have come right through my windshield. Friday the Thirteenth indeed!

Whether you call it fate, destiny, karma or whatever, there are natural rhythms of energy, vibration and movement in life that transcend our ability to interpret them. Everything happens for a reason, and we can’t always predict based on our limited perspective what is the best and ultimate course of action. But somehow, things do tend to work out as they should.

Such is the subject matter of a wonderful book called “Synchronicity,” written by my dear friend and mentor, my very first instructor in chiropractic college, Dr. Ken Harris. “Synchronicity” is a collection of stories, real-time events that illustrate the notion that there is a grander scheme to our reality than our conscious minds comprehend. It helped me understand how the building blocks of life fit together.

The Yankees losing a close one, my car being safely just out of harm’s way, what is the connection there? Simply that the design of our experience is only partially under our control. It reminds me of the city slicker driving past a beautifully manicured farm, and seeing the caretaker out toiling in the field, called to him… “Hey Farmer, what a magnificent farm God has blessed you with!” And the farmer retorted, “Ayuh, but you should have seen it when he had it all to himself!”

There are clearly elements of our lives that are beyond our control – but that’s no reason to relinquish accountability for what we can influence for the better. Our sports teams may falter, we may find ourselves in compromising or even dangerous positions, but there’s generally something we can do to move ourselves forward, and it is our responsibility to find those growing edges and exploit them.

Of course, I want to win every game – but that’s not likely, thought the Yanks did come back to take two out of three. And of course, I’m grateful that an accident that could have injured or killed me did not occur – but that too is above my pay grade. The art of living requires that we appreciate these boundaries, and not try to shove ourselves down Nature’s throat, but rather co-create in peace and harmony and manifest the most synergistic relationship we can possibly forge. Only then do the universal laws seem to fall into place and support us, and we can’t reasonably expect any more than that. That’s the underlying meaning of “Field of Dreams” – if we build it, they will come.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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