Five Words For Massive Success

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Five Words For Massive Success

Dear Doctor:

Whatever you think of Jeff Bezos, you have to admit that he almost single-handedly revolutionized retail commerce in our world. By many measures the world’s wealthiest person, you’d have to at least be curious about the inner workings of his mind, in hopes of uncovering some profound wisdom to tap into the abundance he was able to generate.

So, in his final shareholder’s letter before he steps down as CEO of Amazon, he revealed his key organizing principle, a deceptively simple observation that could be a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs and gamechangers everywhere. He wrote:

“If you want to be successful in business (in life, actually), you have to create more than you consume. Your goal should be to create value for everyone you interact with. Any business that doesn’t create value for those it touches, even if it appears successful… isn’t long for this world.”

Create more than you consume. It’s a five-word formula for ongoing achievement, making a difference for those we serve. Add value, do good, there are many ways to say it, but it boils down to this – we get to choose where we invest our time, energy and resources, and those who find ways to give significantly to others reap rewards out of all proportion to what might be expected.

Those of us in the healing arts have a rich opportunity available to us. Selling products makes our society hum, exchanging treasury notes for food, shelter, clothing, and so on. But selling the invisible, offering services that improve people’s quality of life, that’s a special gift with extraordinary potential.

Now, small acts of random kindness are a good foundation, helping the proverbial little old lady cross the street – but the grander your vision, the more benefit you can produce, and the more value you can add. That’s where a mega-entrepreneur like Bezos caught a tiger by the tail — he saw a pathway to helping millions of people every day, making their lives easier by decreasing the friction in the shopping and sales process, and the rest is history.

So, the contribution you make through your practice helps dozens, hundreds or even thousands of families to be healthier, to get relief, and to improve their function so they live longer and better – clearly that is a creative process that adds value for them and those associated with them.

And, by educating people on the chiropractic wellness lifestyle and leading them to assimilate it, you can have a long-term effect on them and their sphere of influence, amplifying your impact even more.

And what is such an effort made of? Individual and group engagements with patients and families, explaining what your care can do for them and why. This sets the stage for you to create much more than you consume, as a most trusted health and wellness advisor for as many as you can reach.

That’s why it’s fitting for us to earn a substantial income – we do much more for people than we expend ourselves, which is the essence of Bezos’ profitability calculus.

The question is, who among us thinks and acts so meaningfully, that we can finally get our message across? Surely there are few who have not been touched by Amazon, but how many have not been touched by chiropractic? That is our challenge – to promote the philosophy of things natural so vastly and effectively that everyone is aware of it. I think that‘s what BJ intended with the “Big Idea.”

Chiropractic is so elegant, that with nothing more than our minds, hands and hearts, we can alter the course of destiny for so many. Take it seriously, and you’ll create more than you consume.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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