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Dear Doctor:

Two popular press articles, one from the New York Times and one from USA Today, report on the conflict many are facing with the demands for vaccine compliance.

The Times published a story about vaccine resistance at Staten Island University Hospital, where many workers are rebelling against mandatory vaccination. Nurses, med-techs, infection control officers and other staff picketed the hospital, chanting “I am not a lab rat.” As much as forty percent of the health care team at SIUH have rejected the shot.

In fact, 25% of the 600,000 health care workers in New York have refused to comply. And, while Northwell Health claims the opposite, many believe that the majority of those hospitalized were vaccinated. One worker, who enthusiastically received the vaccine, had an instant auto-immune reaction, a full-body rash, short-term memory loss and vertigo. When she complained that patients should know such a reaction may occur, she was minimized, and eventually had to leave her position.

In a related article, USA Today said that the American Academy of Pediatrics specifically calls vaccination for young children off-label, unproven and potentially dangerous. Leading pediatricians say without the data on dosing in younger children, vaccination would be a “no-no.” Obtusely, they are fine with giving the shot to kids over twelve, as if that is a magic line where the safety dramatically increases – it’s just so much spin, and certain doctors are covering their behinds, but still, it represents an uncertainty on the part of the scientific community, one that justifies the pushback from those Staten Island hospital workers, and, dare I say it, we chiropractors.

Honestly, I’m shocked by our lethargic response. I know we have to keep our heads down to avoid getting them chopped off, but our wimpiness and apathy is disappointing at best and lethal at worst. While we wait for the storm to pass, they’ll be injecting who-knows-what into our kids, childbearing young adults, co-morbid seniors, everyone, to aim at a herd immunity that only Nature can manifest.

I wish they could see how their tampering interferes with the natural unfoldment of this virus, which in spite of how deadly it seems, would have sought natural balance like Ebola, the 1918 flu, H1N1, the plague and all the other infections that were supposed to wipe us out but didn’t. This invasion of our genetic machinery may have led to Delta variants, Lambda variants, and the as-of-yet undiscovered Epsilon variant that will make all the others look like a walk in the park.

Someone has to say it – the emperor has no clothes. The government, the media and Big Pharma have rigged the game so whoever objects to the One True Answer, the Almighty Vaccine, is wrong and bad – even other medical approaches are scorned, for fear that anyone might elude their grasp.

Who has the guts, the resources and the persistence to stand up to this travesty? At last count, the number of adverse vaccine effects has just overtaken the number of deaths – in other words, it is now more common to get adverse effects to the vaccine than to die from COVID-19.

In many places, mandates are coming that health care workers, probably including us, will need to show proof of vaccination, or have to test constantly to prove our status – is that okay with you? If not, we must find a consistent way to battle this awful inequity – we should have the right to practice with or without proof of vaccine, especially since it doesn’t guarantee that you aren’t infected or couldn’t spread the disease. It’s mostly propaganda, and needs to be exposed as such. What will you do?

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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