Hammers And Nails

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Dear Doctor:

I am not an alarmist – at my age, I have been through many challenges, some of which were not as nasty as expected, and many constructive breakthroughs, some of which only manifested a portion of their promise. Things are generally not as bad or as good as they seem, usually landing somewhere in between, which is why, as a self-described moderate, I tend away from most extreme positions.

But I have also learned that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. And so, this week I point at a scary and dismaying set of circumstances that threatens our very ability to practice up to the limits of our licenses.

One of chiropractic’s strongest suits is our diversity and depth in finding novel and creative clinical methods. In serving more than 10,000 DCs over these thirty-four years, I find that each features a personalized mix, synthesizing unique experiences for patients who are attracted specifically to them.

Tampering with the available tools and techniques interferes with the evolution of the profession and the individual pursuit of excellence. In my first year of practice, New York State law prohibited X-ray below the first lumbar vertebra – can you imagine? Chiropractors couldn’t take low back films? But appropriate political action reversed it, due to the hard work of a few committed wellness warriors.

That may seem absurd and anachronistic, but there is a looming danger I feel compelled to bring to your attention, non-alarmism to the contrary notwithstanding.

Congress has revisited the Consumer Protection Act, tightening the screws on any interventions for COVID-19 that aren’t sanctioned by their high court, Big Pharma. Those who advocate vaccines are hostile toward any other approach, so they are shutting down those with other ideas and concepts.

There is already a high profile chiropractor facing ten violations of this law – I’m confident that he can handle himself, but it’s only the beginning. Too many would lose too much if it turned out there were natural tactics that could be helpful, so their strategy is to eliminate any competitive minority viewpoint – sad, when they couldn’t legitimately stand up to the scrutiny they cast on those who differ.

The whispers of things natural are being drowned out by the din of the immunization proponents, who have the bully pulpit and are pounding it with their perspective. Yet, do they know what will happen in a year or two? Have they studied how this changes genetics over time, or in future generations? It’s like treating obesity by stapling the lips together — yes, it may work, but what are the consequences?

Many “accepted” medical procedures have fallen far short, like trephining, leeches and thalidomide —  the best intentions and the most fervent predictions of safety can’t change poor outcomes. And no one knows what will happen. But when all you have is a hammer, all problems start to look like nails.

Certain people are more likely to succumb to COVID – maybe they need more heroic interventions. But the speculation that we’re protecting each other is wearing thin. As our nation becomes saturated with propaganda, expect harsher and more persuasive entreaties to join the ranks of the inoculated.

We have to be careful. We can’t give people medical advice, or treat infectious disease, it’s not within our scope of practice. But we can talk about pathways to health and wellness, encouraging better immune function, and decreasing brain stress, offering more data to optimize their decision-making.

An educated health care consumer is our best customer. Find an elegant way to tell the truth without stepping on any land mines. And let your representatives know what you think — they work for us, too.


Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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