How Far Does Our Philosophy Go?

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Dear Doctor:

The vast majority of you, cherished readers, have responded favorably to my evolution on COVID-19 and vaccination – only a few have disagreed, and I will always defend their right to do so.

The real issue is that we have to decide just how far our philosophy goes in explaining what has happened over the last two years.

I am reminded of the scene where Indiana Jones is confronted by a Samurai, brandishing a sword, poised for battle – until Harrison Ford pulls out a gun and shoots him from twenty feet away, denying the warrior the opportunity to fight. Effective? Maybe, but it seems to violate the rules of engagement.

We chiropractors have espoused an above-down inside-out point of view since 1895. Our philosophy is built on things natural, and on choosing health interventions that are consistent with the best interests of Innate Intelligence, our terminology for the self-regulating inner wisdom of the body.

BJ Palmer himself said, “Nature needs no help, just no interference,” and this foundational concept is being debated now. Are there some health challenges that overwhelm Innate expression? Obviously, or else no one would ever die. Accidents may happen, or disease processes may manifest, that render an individual unable to heal naturally, calling for other treatment to keep the patient viable.

Clearly, there is a need for medicine and surgery, yet the chiropractic doctrine is transparently complete – chiropractic first, medicine second, and surgery as a last resort. This sequence was not carried out with COVID-19 – yet in certain cloistered communities that did not participate in the media blitz or vaccination program, there don’t seem to be the major consequences that might be expected. For example, the Amish community in Lancaster PA opted to follow their spiritual guidance, avoiding vaccines, masking, lockdowns and other practices recommended by mainstream health. The result? Many got sick, about the same percentage died, and now the community claims to have achieved herd immunity, the natural immunity many studies consider superior to induced immunity.

What if the greater citizenry did that, as we have with every other viral scourge? Nature would have run her course, and we would all have antibodies and therefore be immune – instead, we confounded the innate response and therefore risk our immune systems being subject to ongoing disruption.

The Amish had no trouble following this path, as it is scripture for them – but what happened to chiropractic philosophy, which is clear about the initial stages of dealing with such cataclysmic events? As champions of better lifestyle, preaching wellness and fitness, understanding the role of the brain in immunity, where was our unified outcry to resist this global toxification, now over-reaching into our children’s lives? Do we know what happens when a vaccinated five-year-old hits puberty? Do we know the effect on growth, or on seeding adult diseases, or mortality? Obviously not, since these vaccines have not been around long enough to study those and other possible dangers.

I am not recommending that we shelve everything in health care that doesn’t reflect chiropractic philosophy. There is a right time for more invasive approaches – I just question if this is that time. It’s not too late to have this conversation – we need to find a way to argue without being argumentative. We have a valid reason to feel as we do, with plenty of science behind it, and it’s time to declare and push back, in as dignified and professional a manner as we can muster. Write, speak, debate, and make your position known – but watch out, because you will have a target on your chest, so you must understand the rules of engagement, so you live to fight another day, for the patients who need you.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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