How One More New Patient a Week and Collecting $5 More Per Visit Generates $252,000 a Year Extra

How One More New Patient a Week and Collecting $5 More Per Visit Generates $252,000 a Year Extra

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How One More New Patient a Week and Collecting $5 More Per Visit Generates $252,000 a Year Extra

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five, where I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for the Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching and so much more. Today we’ll discuss how one more new patient a week and collecting just $5 more per visit generates $252,000 a year extra in income for a colleague who took the time to complete the practice growth calculator.

The practice growth calculator is your golden ticket to simple, practical, and highly effective ways to grow your practice like never before. The doctor today is Ed, and Ed has a very good practice because he attracts 20 new patients a month, has a terrific PVA of 75 and an OVA of $40. Ed tells me he wants to grow his practice by 20% and that he’s highly motivated. He sees around 1500 patient visits a month and collects $60,000 a month currently.

So let’s help Ed grow his practice easily and quickly and take it to the next level by attracting just one more new patient a week on average and collecting just $5 more per visit. We don’t need to improve Ed’s already excellent PVA of 75. However, I would coach him to grow his new patients from 20 a month to 24, an average of one more new patient a week. And in addition, I would work with Ed to grow his OVA from $40 collected a visit to 45. These two changes will grow his visits from 1500 visits a month to 1800 visits a month and grow his collections from 60,000 collected a month to 81,000 collected a month. That’s an additional 21,000 a month, which is significant, but what makes it even more significant is over the course of the year, it will produce 252,000 in additional income without any additional expense.

This is how you go from stuck to significant, from plateau to profitable, from busy to dollar-productive. This is what expert coaching, mentoring, and focusing can do for any practice regardless if you are barely getting by or seeing hundreds of visits a day. Expert chiropractic coaching focuses you on what is the best and easiest way to go from where you are currently to where you want your practice to be.

It locates and customizes the fastest and easiest path to growth and expansion. It removes and corrects the subluxation in your thinking and in your practice flow, and this is why, ladies and gentlemen, the Masters Circle Global has such an amazing and time-tested track record of rapidly growing any type of chiropractic practice run by any type of personality, regardless of the doctor’s philosophy, clinical skill, business skill, communication skill, or even location.

This is chiropractic coaching at work when done right. So many of our colleagues are either hurting or accepting mediocrity or just doing okay, but they’re not expressing the greatness they have inside of them or not living up to their potential. So please tap into the practice growth calculator yourself today and discover how easy it is to significantly grow your practice. All you need to do is answer four simple questions and then schedule a private consultation to have a review of what your calculator results reveal about you and your practice.

In this case, it would be at the consultation where I show Ed how to improve his new-patient attraction and how to increase his OVA. So follow the link at the bottom of the screen, and it’ll bring you right to the practice growth calculator. Doc, I got to tell you, it’s never been easier to have the practice of your dreams, to help as many patients as possible, and as a result, make as much money as you want. It’s never been easier to grow and gain rapid traction and significantly improve and grow your practice. It’s never been easier to pinpoint exactly what statistic is your linchpin to rapid and sustainable practice growth.

If you haven’t completed the calculator, please do that today. And if you completed it but haven’t scheduled your private consult to review it and learn from it, well, that’s a must. So get that scheduled today as well. It’s at the private consult where the true magic will happen for you. The private growth calculator and consult will simplify the process for you. It will laser focus you on what you need to do for rapid growth and change your career and your mindset once and for all. I do this for doctors just like you all day, and I’m proud of the sustainable growth my clients consistently achieve. Our live event on Practice Renewal: Common Sense Adaptation for Constantly Changing Times was sold out and amazingly successful, and our live event on Practice Unmasking: The Only Logical Next Steps to Massive Practice Growth was also sold out and beyond phenomenal.

We’ll announce next year’s schedule and please check it out and do not miss registering and attending on our two big events next year so that you can have massive growth as well.


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