How To Avoid Half Of COVID Deaths Without A Vaccine

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Dear Doctor:

We’re in a tough spot. Health solutions that are apparent to anyone who understands physiology are being overlooked, ignored or even scoffed at by the current authorities.

What will it take to inspire and orchestrate the necessary overhaul of our culture’s organizing principles on health and wellness, so that reason can once and for all prevail over the profit-motive-generated propaganda being force-fed to an unsuspecting public?

For example, a recent study done at the University of North Carolina showed that obesity makes it twice as likely that you will be hospitalized with COVID-19, and 74% more likely that you’ll end up in intensive care, with a whopping 48% greater chance of dying. Another study out of Boston Medical Center found that severely obese COVID patients were twice as likely to wind up in intensive care, and had four times the risk of dying from any cause. A study in the UK states that obesity increases the probability of COVID infection by up to 57%. There are other papers illustrating similar points, but you get the idea – being fat makes you more susceptible to serious sequelae of COVID infection.

Where is the media reporting on this? Shouldn’t we be informing and motivating people around this constructive strategy? It’s all vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, as if that is the only route to salvation, yet an August study in the journal “Obesity Reviews” shows that obesity makes the vaccine less effective. I have yet to hear of any news source reporting on these vital warnings.

The bottom line is, our society is tuned to an outside-in model of health care, and sadly, it makes more sense to people, because of the constant and relentless indoctrination, that since the virus comes from outside, the remedy must also come from outside. This fallacious perspective is keeping our health care system pinned in the twentieth century, while a better way is so obvious, anyone paying attention could clearly see it – if you want to reduce your chances of death from coronavirus by half or more, don’t be fat, and if you are, work as hard as you can to become less fat.

Now, as someone who has struggled with overweight for my whole life, I know there’s more to it than just a spirited declaration – but at least people need to comprehend the relationship, so if they can improve their odds, they do. My real issue is that no one is talking about it, and I fear the reason is because there’s a lot more money to be made on immunizing everyone, regardless of need, than there is in building a movement toward health and wellness. Too bad, because the impact of the pandemic would surely be blunted if the average citizen took more responsibility to be healthier, rather than expecting a shot to ride up on a white horse, allay their fears and eradicate their jeopardy.

If a fraction of the effort invested in vaccination was put into encouraging people to be less vulnerable by moderating their weight, we’d be in a different place, not only with respect to COVID, but also on heart disease, diabetes, and other vicious killers that are less dangerous if you’re not too heavy.

We chiropractors and wellness professionals have a real opportunity to emerge as thought leaders, if we could only manifest our power and get our message across. Health care consumers may just be ready for an alternative approach to the fear-mongering and mercenary tactics of Big Pharma, aided by the government and the media – do we have the guts and audacity to counter the status quo and make a stand for what we know is more right and true than the popular contemporary viewpoint?

Easy to say, hard to do. Whatever you got, though, bring it – your community needs you to step up and lead. Science is on your side – act like it, and speak your truth.

Dennis Perman DC. For The Masters Circle Global

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