More Than Our Thoughts And Prayers

Dennis Perman_Message of the Week

Dear Doctor:

For the last seven months we have been dealing with a health issue the likes of which we have never before seen, and it has taken a while for us to begin to wrap our minds around what is happening. I’ve attempted to redirect this column toward other subject matter, but this dilemma keeps pulling me back in, as the myriad facets of interest and opportunity continue to develop.

The sanest among us are realizing that this is not a plague, not an inevitable widespread death sentence, but rather, a serious infection that can be prevented and guarded against more easily than it can be managed. Since COVID-19 has now penetrated the White House, our thoughts and prayers go to the First Family and to its entourage – but we’re finally starting to get the picture that we need more than our thoughts and prayers to combat this massive and pernicious onslaught.

The huge majority of those who contract COVID-19 will be okay – at last count, we have 7.4 million documented cases with 212,000 deaths, compared to about 7.2 million survivors, a 2.86% fatality rate among those who tested positive. This is terribly unsettling and sad, of course, but considering how many people are probably coronavirus positive who have not been tested, it probably shakes out to 1% or less, lousy odds in a casino but not so bad as a death-to-life ratio.

The problem is, though, that those who do get sick may have a rough road before them – even if they don’t perish, there are a variety of lingering after-effects that compromise those who are so unfortunately afflicted. Post-acute coronavirus patients often suffer fatigue, difficulty breathing, coughing, joint pain and chest pain, to name just a few common symptoms.

While chiropractors don’t treat viral infections, we must be able to recognize these post-COVID sequelae. Patients will complain, and in your quest for underlying causes, don’t be afraid to ask about their history or run some tests – you’ll uncover clues on how to best take care of them.

One of the fathers of wellness care and founder of BEST technique, Dr. MT Morter, taught me that the body always produces a “perfect response” – Innate Intelligence knows how to react to whatever conditions arise. This is completely consistent with chiropractic philosophy, and it pre-supposes that when aberrant function manifests, whether subluxation or a disease process, the body will continue to adapt until the organism is no longer viable, in which case death becomes the perfect response.

This is why most people make it through the coronavirus challenge – the properly functioning body adapts and copes with the infection, and healing ensues, as long as the individual has the resources available. It’s the reason why the comorbidities muddy the water and potentially lead to the demise of the one percent – their adaptability is suspect, generating the corresponding perfect response.

This, then, is the message we must promulgate to our sphere of influence – this viral scourge is lethal, but less so when we do certain things to improve our health and resiliency. This is why we need to step up our public education, not to claim we can cure anything, but to demonstrate how those who take better care of themselves are rewarded for their efforts. When we spread this truth, it too can go viral, and so many people will be rescued, as well as so many lives that will be enhanced by lifestyle decisions that not only safeguard, but enrich and amplify quality of life.

I believe this is our time – the time for things natural to take a rightful place in the health care delivery system, so we can serve our neighbors in our own unique way. We can contribute more than thoughts and prayers – please let’s do so. Open your heart, open your mouth, and open your doors.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

PS As the world awakens, don’t go to sleep – prepare to lead. Work together. Be loving. Do good.