Poll Shows Majority Would Not Vaccinate

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August 24, 2020

Poll Shows Majority Would Not Vaccinate


Dear Doctor:

I saw a fascinating poll conducted by NBC News, which found that less than half of those asked would consider getting a coronavirus vaccine.

Now, polls are not studies, and it would be overreacting to misinterpret this snapshot in time, but it is telling – the public’s wariness about inoculations that haven’t been fully tested is sensible and, to those of us who are not enthused about shotgun approaches to health issues, somewhat reassuring.

Not that it couldn’t be mandated, but when even a roughly approximated majority of citizens would opt out, it’s unlikely that laws will take shape that would force the issue.

And that should make us hopeful that our influence can play a larger role in resolving this culture-rocking pandemic. Drugs and vaccines don’t seem to be taking shape, in spite of the massive concentration on medical interventions over the last six months. There are glimmers of optimism which then peter out, and no one seems to be able to wrap their minds or their research around a chemical resolution to this dilemma.

My contention is that they are looking in the wrong place – they are working on fighting the virus, when it is clear to me that the focus should be on building immunity and fortifying the body’s defenses. As of now, with 5.7 million cases documented and 177,000 deaths in the US, about 3% of those patients are succumbing, but that doesn’t take into account estimates that perhaps ten times as many people may actually have been exposed, which would recalibrate the mortality rate at .3%.

It’s absurd to vaccinate 320,000,000 people even once, much less every year, because a million or so are at risk – not that we should ignore those vulnerable neighbors, but there must be a better way to protect them that doesn’t inject unproven remedies into everyone, under the guise of saving them from something that will be unlikely to influence then in any measurable way.

Better, this is an opportunity to share our knowledge and perspective on wellness with those who are most susceptible. They may not be our usual clientele, but if we could reach the diabetics, the obese, the elderly, those suffering from cancer or heart and respiratory disease, not to treat their conditions, but to enhance their resiliency and overall wellness, I bet that percentage would shrink.

But how can we do this? Only by interfacing with our medical counterparts, and finding a way to engage them in this obvious, logical pursuit. Clearly, most doctors do have their patients’ best interests in mind, but DCs have been pigeonholed as back doctors and pain specialists, and while MDs are only too comfortable prescribing “off-label,” no such latitude has been granted to our profession… and it won’t be, unless we assertively claim it, as they have.

It seems that common sense is prevailing, and most people would not be eager to embrace a strategy of mass immunization, at least until there’s proof that it works without undue danger, not to mention finding out who really needs it. That has always been my beef with widespread vaccination – unlike all other medical techniques, it ignores any vague semblance of diagnosis, preferring to peddle the assumption that “everybody needs it” – and anyone who thinks about it realizes that this is not so.

We can only hope that this kind of poll doesn’t instigate a public relations media blitz that culminates as ostracizing those who exercise their right to health freedom. If someone wants a vaccine, and it’s appropriate for them to get one, go to it – but don’t shove it down my throat and insist, when that robs me of the liberty and personal responsibility I have come to enjoy and expect.


Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

PS As the world awakens, don’t go to sleep – prepare to step up. Work together. Be loving. Do good.