Sour Lemons Into Sweet Lemonade

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August 17, 2020

Sour Lemons Into Sweet Lemonade

Dear Doctor:

Every day, I get to talk to doctors all over the world, and you can be sure some of those conversations are colorful – right now, during the COVID-19 Era, chiropractors range from defiance to anxiety, since their practices have often been compromised, as so many businesses have been.

Governmental oversight has walked a fine line, at first allowing only the most pressing emergencies, and then accepting chiropractors as essential health care providers in most jurisdictions – but no one is addressing the real issue.

Organized health has little to offer except the obvious – maintain sanitary conditions, cover our faces to avoid droplet transmission, observe social distancing and stay out of crowds. None of this is rocket science, and it is advisable to comply, but it hasn’t evolved much. In fact, it demonstrates an utter lack of the imagination and practical tactics that will be required to help our society handle this pandemic.

Waiting around and hoping it will go away as we develop herd immunity is a fool’s errand – this virus has outsmarted us over and over, as is evidenced by the recent resurgence in New Zealand, which had claimed success after being devoid of new cases for a hundred days. It just shows that these defensive maneuvers, important as they may be, do not move the ball forward – they only temporarily stall it. We must find ways to proactively build the body’s defenses and institute constructive health habits that fortify the body and diminish the likelihood of people getting sick in the first place.

In my opinion, coronavirus is here to stay, which sounds ominous, but the flu is here to stay, colds are here to stay, and many other microorganisms are typically found amongst the usual inhabitants of our bodies, with which we create and preserve a natural homeostatic balance. This should happen with COVID-19 as well, and ultimately it probably will, but if it is permitted to run its course, there will be many more deaths – unless we take dramatic steps to become healthier hosts.

There isn’t much agreement among the experts, but there’s one point of commonality that no one seems to dispute – sicker people with comorbidities are more susceptible, and healthier people are less vulnerable. The logic is unmistakable – we need to get healthier, and only then will coronavirus fade into the background, as yet another virulent bug that we have faced down and handled through the innate response.

That’s how we make these sour lemons into sweet lemonade – we conquer this pandemic by enthusiastically promoting health and wellness, which, of course, we should have been doing all along. The first and most direct way to reduce the number of sick people is don’t be one of them. If every family accepts the responsibility to learn what it takes to minimize their probability of getting sick, not just with COVID but with any condition, the net impact is to build a healthier and more robust culture, which has positive implications on our economy and our environment as well as our health.

We can be leaders, if we are willing to embrace that role – not through unsubstantiated claims about the relationship between our work and COVID-19, but by advising people to make lifestyle decisions and choose behaviors that improve their resilience as well as their quality of life.

We can be the difference makers – but only if we shout our message from the highest rooftops, and capitalize on what will be looked back upon as the greatest teaching moment our profession has ever enjoyed. Don’t miss it – take action now and educate your constituents on what they need to know to withstand this onslaught, and it will improve their lives in every measurable way.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

PS As the world awakens, don’t go to sleep – prepare to step up. Work together. Be loving. Do good.