The Fear Of Being Average

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Dear Doctor:

The theme of our 20th SuperConference was “Practice Unmasking” — through this challenging COVID-19 era, we have suffered stresses as a culture in macrocosm and as a profession in microcosm that have never before been experienced. The bailiwick of chiropractic is the notion that health works inside-out – we say it’s internal disturbance that hurts us, and correction must happen from within, unlike allopathy, where outside agents cause disease, calling for outside-in intervention.

So then, Practice Unmasking refers not only to removing the masks so many of us have been pressed into wearing as a shield against heinous microorganisms, but also to revealing the true face of chiropractic – a pure yet multi-faceted health care system that relies on our inner wisdom to effectuate changes required to achieve recovery and wellness.

A stunning array of world class presenters graced the podium, starting with Dr. Bob Hoffman, sharing a new concept that re-invents the typical coaching relationship. Coaches usually support clients on solving problems and establishing a course toward success, but the new and better model is for the mentor to become a remote Chief Operating Officer, overseeing practice principles, protocols and execution to help direct all aspects of practice growth. It’s a revolutionary idea — if you are the CEO of your practice, setting the vision, who helps you implement it? It falls to a skillful and trusted advisor to act the role of COO, one we strive to fulfill for our members, for a lot less than onsite COOs earn.

Functional neurology took center stage, with experts like Kyle Daigle on primitive reflexes, Sharik Peck on vagus nerve resonance, Ryan Cedermark on how the brain creates patient compliance, and Katinka van der Merwe on the treatment of the most serious chronic pain patients. But the centerpiece of the neuro material was Bob’s interview with Stephen Porges, perhaps the world’s greatest neuroscientist, whose discovery of and research on the Polyvagal Theory reshaped the field over the last fifty years. His topic was “The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe,” where he detailed the essential nature of the parasympathetic nerve system and vagal tone in today’s tumultuous world.

And, there were practical operational tools provided as well – industry leader Stu Hoffman, president of ChiroSecure, exposed the common mistakes practitioners make in risk management, while Sam Collins from HJ Ross showed how most doctors leave money on the table by not understanding the financial infrastructure of collections. Eric Kowalke, founder of SKED, presented a simple app-driven methodology for daily patient flow that allows him to process over 1500 office visits each week with less than a 4% no-show rate, while world-renowned social media guru Matthew Loop demystified the use of the internet to supply a steady stream of new lives into our practices.

But the most impactful talk for me was Bob’s final offering, where he discussed being intimidated by the fear of being average. I could clearly see how our careers are shaped by what we will and will not tolerate – he often says once you lick the lollipop of mediocrity, you will suck forever, and it is a driving force for all truly effective people to opt into excellence, a choice rather than a default.

Bob also reframed the three phases of care, from relief, correction and wellness, to feeling better, functioning better, and living better, a distinction he credits Kim Klapp with developing – it was a fitting climax to a seminar that was genuinely one for the ages. Please mark your calendars now to join us next year October 13-15, 2022, but more importantly, pick up on and apply these ideas now, to propel your practice forward and make a bigger difference in the lives of those you touch and serve.

Dennis Perman, for The Masters Circle Global

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