The Power of Goal-Setting Day

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Dear Doctor:

Of course, this has been a challenging year – and yet, there are many opportunities for growth and progress, if we only look for them and capitalize on them. Generating drive and forward thrust may depend on your enthusiasm for pursuing worthy objectives – and this is the time to create your plan.

The First of October is Goal-Setting Day — success philosophers have long pointed toward giving your subconscious mind ninety days to “cook” your goals before the onset of the New Year. I agree – I write my goals by October 1, and check in on them twice more before January begins.

Because I perceive that our goals are turbo-charged by gratitude, I choose to revisit them on Thanksgiving Eve, when we are invited to explore our feelings of appreciation for all of our blessings. As I read them, I give thanks for my goals in advance, and also for my life, my assets, my previous victories, and my stresses and hardships too – it all goes into the mix of sculpting my masterpiece.

When I have to work hard to attain certain goals, even in the face of overcoming adversity to do so, it builds me as a person, thought leader and difference-maker – I don’t dread that, I welcome it.

I have also recognized that aggressive pushing is not always the way to go – while I am primarily a baseball fan, the football metaphor of the running back waiting for the offensive line to open a hole to slip through illustrates the need to be patient at times and to allow the process to unfold before you.

Indeed, I have noticed that at any crossroads, any inflection or decision point, we typically have three choices – we can lead, we can follow, or we can get out of the way, and each of these options has its place. I call this the “triage of success,” so named because making the right judgment call can be life-or-death for your intentions.

As passionate people, we have to be careful not to let our intentionality get the better of us, though – often, it makes more sense to slow-play your actions and behaviors, anticipating the right timing. This is different from procrastination, which is avoidance and lack of confrontational tolerance – rather, choosing the right time is based on active engagement, which does not benefit from purposeless movement. There are circumstances where your best action step is to pause, and this is not to be confused with inactivity – again, it takes active engagement to know when to jump and when not to.

To give this structure and keep it from being too abstract, we select time frames, which some may call deadlines. Assigning a “date certain” activates our motivation, and initiates more efficient, relevant behaviors and habits to support the accomplishment of the goal.

My final checkpoint is New Year’s Eve, when, with the energy of Opening Night and the culmination of your volition to achieve, you can cement your desires and commit to them for the coming year.

I rarely suggest goals to anyone, but I will break with tradition slightly for this very unusual year – I believe we need a group consciousness to redirect the world’s current trajectory. Big Pharma has exerted an all-encompassing force on our daily lives, and we must re-balance and take back our rights to make decisions consistent with our own worldview and health philosophy. There‘s no better way to facilitate this than to have a huge groundswell of energic support – consider writing it into your own goals, and encouraging those you touch and serve to examine the situation carefully, applying concepts you share. That’s the power of Goal-Setting Day — we can contribute to healing one of the sickest times in history, and turn it into the teaching moment that has always been inherent in it.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

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