The Practice Upgrade Summit

Dennis Perman_Message of the Week

Dear Doctor:

There’s something exciting about to happen, and I wanted to be sure you know about it.

As you are probably aware, this is an inopportune time to hold a large live event, so our Twentieth Annual SuperConference, always the highlight of our seminar schedule, was cancelled, leaving us all wondering — how will we continue to supply our profession with timely, invaluable information?

Wonder no more — we became aware of a new and different seminar format, which creates a virtual worldwide symposium, bringing the entire profession together without the friction of travel or expense. You can participate at no charge to you, from your home or office, and it requires no more than an internet connection and your device of choice, your laptop, tablet, phone or desktop computer.

So, I’m announcing the Practice Upgrade Summit, a seven-day program with 41 top speakers in chiropractic and beyond, designed to lift you up in a time of unprecedented adversity. If you’re anything like me, you love to learn, to be exposed to new strategies, and to grow yourself so you can show up bigger, help more people and have more to show for it.

In the next two weeks, you’re going to get emails from The Masters Circle Global and other industry leaders, encouraging you to be part of this historic occurrence (please open them, they explain how you can be part of it at no cost to you).

The presenters are like a “Who’s Who” of contemporary health care and success – master healers like John Brimhall, Tedd Koren, Rob DeMartino, Kiran Krishnan and Tom Roselle; rising stars like Krista Burns, Brett Jones, Kyle Daigle, Melissa Petersen and Ryan Cedermark; trailblazers in neurologically based chiropractic like Richard Barwell, Rob Melillo, and Monika Buerger; business advisors like Eric Kowalke, Miles Bodzin, Stu Hoffman and Matt Davis; and influence keys like social media expert Matt Loop, compliance and insurance pro Kathy Mills Chang, new patient maven Brad Glowaki, brain scientist Patrick Porter, and don’t miss seeing Dan Murphy explain chiropractic neuroimmunology – you’ll get everything you need to ethically and legally relate chiropractic to how the body protects and defends itself, in terms you can substantiate and offer proudly in any setting.

I repeat, there is no admission fee to attend this summit. All you need to do is register, which amounts to a click on a link (in those emails) and filling in your contact info so you can get the program.

There’s nowhere else you can find this quality and quantity of cutting edge material except here, especially with a price of $0.

The program will be presented November 8-14, and you’ll find all the details in… you guessed it… those emails. So please open them and register for the Practice Upgrade Summit.

Our profession is a guiding light in times of great health challenge, with answers to questions other doctors aren’t even asking. You can hear the remarks and perspectives of our preeminent thought leaders, discussing everything from practice success, dealing with COVID-19, creating powerful professional relationships and networks, solving the toughest clinical problems – this is a very special compendium of the ideas and concepts you want and need to know.

So when you get those emails, open them, and register for the program. If you’re as hungry for stimulating intellectual input as I am, then this is the best deal in town.

Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle Global

PS As the world awakens, don’t go to sleep – prepare to step up. Work together. Be loving. Do good. There has never been a better or more important time to be a chiropractor. Speak your truth.