Thrive In Five: It’s Not Change, It’s a Refresh

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Today’s Thrive In Five is entitled, It’s Not Change, It’s a Refresh. You see, the biggest mistake you can make in a post COVID time, is to think that you just are going to return to what was normal, your old normal. And let me assure you that your old normal will never exist again. Those days are over. You need to own that. One of the many things we’ve learned from the COVID crisis is that we must make some essential modifications, improvements and refinements of what we used to do.

What we used to do is the right term. What will we do in the future, is the refresh. Again, in blazing into your thought process, that it’s not a change as much as a refresh. A refresh gives us the ability to rebrand, redefine and reinvent ourselves and our practice. What would you do to reinvent yourself, to rebrand yourself? What would practice look like? What would you look like?

So I want you doc to really think this through, based on your experience, what would you refresh? How could you make your practice better? How could you show up better? Would you raise your energy, your confidence, your certainty, your joy and fulfillment levels? What would you do and how would you show up for that to happen? Think it through, make a list, prioritize it. Would you upgrade your consultation exam? Can you improve your report of findings? Would you adjust differently and perhaps even more specifically? Would you charge a different fee? Would you train your team differently? And you now have a clearer picture of the qualities, characteristics, and traits of an ideal employee, or even would you modify your office hours?

You see, if you had a genie’s lamp and could rub it and reinvent your practice, get super specific with me. What changes would you make? Based on your experience, what would be different and better? How would you show up? Would you be dressed better? Would you have higher standards? Would you have higher values in your practice? Would you make a deeper and more dedicated commitment to patient education? Would you hold yourself or your patients to higher standards? Think it through.

Would you like more new patients? And if so, is there a certain type of new patient that really resonates with you? Would you market specifically for them? How could you improve your conversion? That’s the process of taking a potential new patient and getting them to commit to care. And, in addition to that, how do would you build even better compliance? Let’s remember that when a patient isn’t being compliant, when they’re not following your recommendations exactly the way you’ve laid them out from beginning to end, everyone loses.

The patient doesn’t get what they want, you don’t get what you want. Chiropractic doesn’t get a shiny star. And even though nobody ever told us that this was our job, I am here to share with you, holding your patient compliant is our job. We have to have better compliance and the exact opposite happens here. When you do in fact, hold your patients compliant to follow your recommendations exactly the way you’ve laid them out from beginning to end, everyone wins.

If you had a magic wand, how many visits per week would be ideal for you? Make a list of all the ways to refresh yourself, to refresh your team, to refresh your actions, and even to refresh your actual physical office, its look, its feel, its smell, or even your office flow. And begin now to refresh this entire process for better clinical results, a better reputation and a better practice than ever before.

So I’m asking you, stop thinking you must change and start thinking you must refresh. Refresh your thinking, refresh your actions, refresh how you practice, refresh your experience. Make it ideal. Create the practice of your dreams today and in the future. That’s what this is all about. We’ll be back next week with another Thrive In Five just for you. In the meantime, if I can help you in any way with the refresh process, never hesitate to reach out to me at I’m here to help you, and I want you to have a great day and end the year strong.