Thrive In Five: Three Ways The Law of Attraction Helps You Build Your Practice

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Hello, everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your host for today. Our topic of conversation today is three ways that the Law of Attraction helps you build your practice. Now, you’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction. You saw The Secret and you’ve read the books and you’ve heard about this for a long time. And the odd thing about the Law of Attraction is nobody really knows exactly how it works. We know that if we visualize things, then we have some positive expectancy around them that something happens and nobody really understands the mechanism of it. But it seems to come down to one of two things, either when we visualize something, because thoughts are things, those visualizations go out and create stuff, and then we have an experience. Or, when we focus on something, when we visualize, then it sensitizes us to the various things that are already in our environment that cause us to gravitate towards the outcomes that we really want.

Now, whether your thoughts and visualizations actually make something happen, or whether they just cause you to become aware that something is already happening, either way, the Law of Attraction is critically important for you. So, there are three ways that the Law of Attraction helps you to grow your practice. The first one I think is quite obvious, that just you putting your attention on something causes you to change your orientation. So, when you are excited, enthusiastic, passionate, positive expectancy, faith, when you have these qualities around any intention, of course it’s going to amplify. So, this is the first way that the Law of Attraction helps you to grow your practice, is by dialing you into what your outcomes are. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. And that takes us towards the second piece of this puzzle, we want to make sure that we launch the energic effect of the Law of Attraction that either creates the attraction or the awareness or both.

So, that energic effect influences not only you, but it influences your environment as well, either by actually enacting a change, causing a change in the environment, that may be what’s happening, or by enacting a changing you so that you can go ahead and influence your environment with the changes that you make. But either way, there’s an energic impact. Now, the third way that this works is that it’s going to give you insight into the various issues that may manifest and cause you to become a better problem solver.

You see, when you draw the opportunities toward you, then you’re the one who has to work through them. You’re the one who has to do whatever it takes in order for you to make the most sense out of them. Now, being able to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to grow your practice is more than just bringing in more new patients or more pictures of presidents or whatever it is that you are attracting. There’s more to it because it’s the journey, it’s who you become along the way towards attracting this that really has the most impact. That’s why we have an identity-based approach toward the Law of Attraction, not just as a mechanical tool you use to generate new patients, but rather as a methodology that you can use on an ongoing basis to continue growing yourself.

Now, last time I was with you, we talked about the two dynamics, capacity and attraction, and we spent most of our time talking about how to increase your capacity. Now that you’re becoming aware how to turn on the Law of Attraction, now you can get into that amazing dance where you grow your practice by building capacity, and then by filling it with attraction, and then by growing more capacity and filling that with attraction, and then by growing more capacity and filling that with attraction. It’s a constant upwardly mobile and infinitely scalable process whereby you can take your practice to any level you really want.

But in order to do so, you must have sufficient capacity and you must have sufficient attraction. Recognizing that the attraction is going to influence you by dialing you in, that it’s going to influence your environment by giving this energic impulse into the environment. And that it’s also going to enhance your insight as you work through the assorted problems that manifest on the way toward you creating the result that you ultimately want. These are the ways that the Law of Attraction is going to help you build your practice. Now, everybody uses this slightly differently, and I invite you not only to explore and experiment with it, but to get back to me on some of the ways that you use it. Because if you develop some new insights, why not share them so that I can present them to the profession at large? It would certainly be my pleasure to do so.

So, if you want to contact me, you can certainly get to me at It is, as always, my pleasure to serve you with these live streams. For now, this is Dennis Perman signing off for Thrive in Five. Thank you very much.