Thrive In Five: Understanding Business in the COVID-19 Era

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your host for today. The purpose of this particular class of Thrive in Five is understanding business in the COVID-19 era. Well, you might think why is it different?

In Jim Collins landmark book called Good to Great, he said that every visionary company has to maintain its core ideologies and values, but vary the strategies with the changes in the marketplace. And I’m sure you realize that the marketplace has changed to some degree. You’ve got to make sure that you maintain your core values. Service to the patient is always paramount. Making sure that you deliver a quality service for a fair and equitable fee is always paramount. But the strategies and tactics that you can use now are somewhat different because people are different. They’re more afraid. They have different kinds of stresses than they did before.

So let’s talk about understanding business in the COVID-19 era. Every one of your patients comes into your office thinking that the pain is the problem, but the pain is not the problem. The pain tells you, you have a problem. The patient does not understand this. So you need to make it clear to the person that their problem is that they’re not able to adapt effectively to the stresses of their life. That’s why this COVID-19 era is so different because the stress that people deal with has amplified multifold. Now, most people are subject to physical, chemical, and emotional stress. And offices that intend to provide a quality and complete service don’t only provide solutions for the physical stress. They also provide solutions for the chemical stress, for the emotional stress. And in some cases, for the vibrational stress.

The COVID-19 era lends itself perfectly to addressing these issues with people, because there isn’t anybody whose exercise hasn’t been disrupted. There wasn’t anybody whose diet hasn’t been disrupted. And there isn’t anybody who’s not suffering from emotional stresses that they didn’t even know existed in a previous time. So we have to do everything possible to address each of these stresses. And as fate would have it, that provides an extraordinary opportunity to build your chiropractic business. You see, when you give your report of findings, you say to the patient, the reason why you’re sick in the first place is because your body and your brain are not coping with the stresses of your life.

Now, everyone is subject to physical, chemical, and emotional stress. And in our office, one of the reasons we get such extraordinary results is because we address all three. To handle your physical stresses, we use chiropractic care. We use exercise and personal training. We use massage. To handle your chemical stresses, we help you detoxify and cleanse. We make dietary recommendations, and we also offer nutritional supplements that are going to give you the chemical raw materials that you need.

And to handle your emotional stress, we’ll help you understand stress relaxation techniques like meditation, like yoga, like massage. So that in this way, we influence your health from all three directions. And we help you to experience a glowing, vibrant, and good health and wellness that you deserve. Now, some of you have many different tools in one of these areas and not as much in others. That’s great because that gives you a tremendous opportunity to build your chiropractic business. If you have many chiropractic techniques at your disposal, that you can address people’s physical stresses, but you don’t have a grounding in nutrition or in detoxification to address people’s chemical stresses, what a perfect opportunity for you to be able to add something to your armamentarium that serves the patient’s best interest, but also improves your business.

Is there anybody who doesn’t need more vitamin C right now? Is there anybody who doesn’t need vitamin D or zinc or selenium? You have an opportunity to educate yourself and then ultimately to educate the patient on products and services that you can provide for them that help to improve the way that they adapt to their stresses, and also adds to your bottom line.

With the emotional stresses, the single best emotional issue solution that I’ve found is BrainTap. And if you don’t know about BrainTap, Google BrainTap, and you’ll find out more about. Dr. Patrick Porter who invented BrainTap is a close personal friend of ours. And he has tremendous solutions for dealing with people’s emotional stress. But in the absence of that, have them pull up a YouTube on how to meditate or just get them to walk outside on a beautiful summer day in nature. And you’ll be amazed to discover that when you address patients from the standpoint of physical, chemical, and emotional stress, that they not only get better faster and more thoroughly, but they also help you to achieve your business goals as well. If you want to find out more about these ideas, you can contact me at Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing you next week on Thrive in Five. Have a wonderful week.