Thrive In Five: What Is the Value of Your Service Worth?

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Welcome to this week’s Thrive In Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman. And today we’re going to discuss what is the value of your service worth. Until you fully understand the value of your service and may eyes and mind of your patients, you’ll never have a truly successful practice or the successful practice you want and have always dreamt about. That is just the way it is because every human nature shows us that our value diminishes once the service has been provided. If your patients get better, they leave. If they don’t get better, they also leave. You want proof, just look at how many inactive patient files you already have. People you can’t seem to reactivate. Even people who love you, admire you and respect you. Recognize that when patients accept your care based on symptoms and how they feel, there are only two possible outcomes and neither is very good.

You see their symptoms can go away and so do they happily, or their symptoms don’t go away and they leave unhappily. Either way, everyone loses in this relationship. The patient doesn’t get well. Chiropractic is short change. And you, as the doctor, feel disappointed and frustrated and chiropractic becomes a job instead of a calling. You can elevate the value of your service. In fact, thousands of your colleagues have already elevated the value of their services and these are the doctors who are flourishing and thriving, and also feel the joy and the fulfillment that being a doctor of chiropractic should naturally and organically produce. You can take the essential first step back home, your first step to rediscovering why you were called to chiropractic in the first place by spending just one minute answering four simple, easy questions on the practice growth calculator to discover what must shift in your focus to generate rapid and sustainable growth in your practice.

Based on 15 years of research and our proprietary data, you’ll find out for yourself based on your specific practice information, what to shift your focus to so you can quickly produce the traction necessary for unstoppable growth. Afterwards, we’ll teach you and reach out to you to personalize and analyze the information you provided so that we can help you understand how your patients value what you do. Remember the practice growth calculator gives you the hard numbers like OVA and PVA, and then tells you how easy it can be to change or modify one or all of these numbers so you could reach your practice goals on a consistent and predictable basis. Our analysis, on the other hand, will show you how to increase the value of your services in the patient’s eyes so that they can become lifelong patients. Yes, you can easily overcome price, distance and time issues by simply creating more value.

When patients see your care as a necessity and not as a luxury, the majority will choose the ongoing care or neutralize their ongoing, physical, chemical, and emotional stress. Unresolved stress always causes damage, then degeneration and finally disease. And according to research that is almost a hundred years old and research that is as current as this year, we learned that unresolved stress is the cause of all disease. Yes, we intend to reach out to every one of you, hundreds have already responded.

So please be patient. And when Stephanie calls you, please call her back immediately. That means it’s your turn in the queue. Lots of doc’s are ready for their personal analysis, and we promise we’ll give you the personalized and customized attention you want and deserve. Becoming ultra successful as a chiropractor has never been easier. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of the process and there is no canned or plan process. Just follow a customized roadmap directed and created specifically for you to follow. Take the minute to complete the practice growth calculator, and then take Stephanie’s call to schedule your customized analysis. We’ll be back next week with another Thrive In Five just for you. Have a great day and an amazing week.

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