TI5: Why 2021 Will Be Different and the Same

The Masters Circle Global Thrive In Five, where we build the most successful practices through Chiropractic Coaching.

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The Masters Circle Global Thrive In Five, where we build the most successful practices through Chiropractic Coaching.

Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Dennis Perman, for The Masters Circle Global Thrive In Five, I’ll be your host today.

Well, happy new year, all. I thought that it would be timely to talk a little bit about why 2021 will be different and how it will be the same. The first thing that comes up for me in it’s being different is that, man, 2020, what a bite in the butt. Man, so much went wrong. So many difficulties, so many challenges that even just the turn of the calendar to the next day creates a different outlook, creates a different vibration, creates different opportunity.

But I also want to bring to your attention that your patients today are more terrified and also better informed than perhaps they’ve ever been. They can listen to the news, they can hear the body bag count. They can listen to the whining of all the different “experts,” and they don’t understand everything, but they do understand one thing, not everybody who gets COVID dies. And if you want to be in the group that doesn’t die, there are certain things you can do, and that is different from anything that we’ve ever experienced before. Patients have a better orientation, more of a desire, more of a drive to become healthy than perhaps they ever have. And this is a tremendous asset for us because as you’ve heard, most of the recommendations that come from the organized health establishment is defensive. Cover your face, stay out of crowds, wash your hands, and so on.

Well, social distancing only goes so far. The fact is we need to go on offense and nobody is better equipped to go on offense than the chiropractor. We can make nutritional recommendations. We can help people understand what it takes to distress their brains. We can help people build better body defense. And these are assets that we have that completely different from anything that was before.

But there are also a number of ways that what we face in 2021 is the same. It’s still our responsibility from the inside out to build a practice for our dreams. It’s still an identity based process, meaning that who you are determines how well what you do works. There are still more sick people than we could ever take care of.

So we have to understand that there are numerous ways that 2021 is different. There are numerous ways that 2021 is the same, but we are the ones who have to show up different and the same. If you’re not satisfied with the results that you achieved in 2020, then, well, who’s responsible for that? You can’t blame it on the conditions because in the very same town, some people did well, some people did not. It’s an inside out process and we need to take responsibility for bringing the very best version of ourselves to the table.

Now, in addition, we also recognize that your patient is stressed, they’re sick, they’re confused. And you’ve got an incredible opportunity to be able to direct their attention so that they start to come out of their funk and out of the ashes, phoenix rises. Out of the craziness that they’ve been dealing with, they’re grasping, they’re looking for solutions, they’re looking for answers. Well, you actually have some answers for them.

The innate principle, the chiropractic message is always true, but it’s more true now than ever, because it’s quite clear that people who have healthy brains and healthy functioning immune systems tend not to be the victims that succumb to COVID or anything else for that matter. This is why it’s so important for us to understand that in the ways that your practice and the marketplace is different, you must be sensitive to that. And in the ways that your practice and the marketplace is the same, you must be sensitive to that.

It’s how you show up and what you decide to do that will determine your level of success. At the Master Circle Global, we’re proud to say that the huge majority of our members have rebuilt their practices either to, or even beyond the pre-COVID levels. It’s not everyone, but it’s most of them and there’s a reason for that. It’s because those members understand that it’s an inside out process and they do everything it takes to adapt to and cope with the differences, and to amplify and to capitalize on the sameness.

The beauty of it is it’s all available to you. And if you want to engage, one of the things you can do is check out our practice growth calculator. No doubt you’ve seen the flurry of emails that has been coming your way. All you have to do is click on the link in one of those emails or copy paste the link from below. You can see it right beneath my face, and you can input four simple statistics, four simple data points that you already know. And you’ll get a read out of exactly where you need to focus or what you could focus on if you wanted to build the practice of your dreams. We’ve gotten such an overwhelmingly positive response to this, I invite you to engage. It will be worth the few seconds it takes and the time and effort that it costs you.

So it’s my pleasure to serve you as it always is. Happy new year, everybody. And this is Dennis Perman signing off of the Master Circle Global and Thrive in Five. Happy new year.

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