TI5: Do Standards of Care Really Matter?

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Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where we build the most successful practices through chiropractic coaching. Today, we’re going to discuss, “Do standards of care really matter?”

Standards of care should matter to you, but they matter much more to the people who are put into a position to judge what you do, especially in the medical legal arena. It’s a medical term, not a chiropractic term. The chiropractic term that you should really be concerned with is standards of practice. Standards of practice puts you in a position to judge whether something or someone is going to offer you something that will ultimately improve your practice in some way. We’ve all received the endless email promotions promising you 50 new patients a month or doubling your practice in 30 days or the secret formula to an additional easy $250,000 a year. We’ve all discovered that these claims and these marketing gimmicks don’t work, never work, and never will work.

How do you know what will improve your practice? How do you know what to focus on to gain traction, to consistently and predictably make progress in your practice? How do you know who to listen to and what’s best-in-class today, which of course is so different from what was best-in-class six months ago or 12 months ago or certainly five or 10 years ago?

The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is the Practice Growth Calculator. The Practice Growth Calculator was developed over 15 years of coaching thousands of chiropractors just like you, chiropractors in big cities and little towns, chiropractors who graduated from every chiropractic college with every imaginable personality and skillset, new graduates and 50-year veterans, some of our colleagues who are barely keeping their head above water and others making millions of dollars each and every year, DCs who were stuck clinging to the status quo and others who continue to have their best year ever year after year after year. The Practice Growth Calculator is time-tested and ridiculously accurate, and we should know,= because quite frankly, we wrote the book on coaching for chiropractors, and we’ve been the leading experts in chiropractic practice management for decades.

How does the Practice Growth Calculator do that? Well, that’s what you’ll learn on the one-on-one analysis of your personalized calculator report, which you can quickly and easily access by clicking on the link in the comments below. What you should already know by using the calculator is that whatever you do, it must in some way alter and expand your visits each day, your patient visit average, or your office visit average, or how many new patients you are attracting, with the ultimate goal of improving your total annual income. If it doesn’t do any of those things, then you don’t want to have any part of it, regardless of how big and how relentless the promises and the sales pitches may be.

The Practice Growth Calculator puts you back in the driver’s seat. It puts you back in control of your own practice. Practice your way. However, it’s in the analysis that is the key to starting that engine. During the analysis, you’ll discover the one or two essential linchpins that you must laser focus on, and it can even show you the rate of growth possible for you and in what realistic timeframe.

We’ll be back next week with another Thrive in Five just for you. But if I can help you grow your practice, help you with chiropractic coaching, please never hesitate to reach out to me at 1-800-451-4514. But the first step is fill out the Practice Growth Calculator. It’ll take you literally one minute, and it can change your life and the trajectory of your career for a lifetime.


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