Chiropractic Practice Management: The 3 P’s of an E-Myth Practice

Chiropractic Practice Management: The 3 P’s of an E-Myth Practice

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Chiropractic Practice Management: The 3 P’s of an E-Myth Practice

Hello everybody, and welcome to Thrive In Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your host for today. This session’s topic is really interesting. It’s called the 3 P’s of the E-Myth chiropractor. Now, many of you are probably already familiar with the E-Myth. The E-Myth is a book written by a brilliant business writer named Michael Gerber, and in it he describes the three roles that each business owner must either adapt to or hire people to fulfill. Those three roles are the technician, the manager, and the entrepreneur.

Now, the reason this is so important to us as chiropractors is most of the time we as solo practitioners are going to fulfill all three roles. So it’s important that we understand these 3 P’s. This is going to give us some insight into how we need to show up to fulfill each of these roles.

So the first role is the technician. The technician is interested in procedures. So the first P is procedure. The technician has to be able to adjust, has to be able to do exams, has to be able to take films if necessary, has to be able to do the assortment of patient-facing roles that each patient requires. So the technician, even though it’s the “lowest rung” of the three that Gerber talks about, is critically important because the technician is the one who fulfills the procedures.

Now, the second role is the manager. Now the P that matches up with the manager is policy. You see, the manager has to set up the various rules of engagement so that the practice runs smoothly, and that’s the manager’s role to make sure that that occurs. So the second P is the policies that the manager sets.

Now, the third P is the one I want to spend the most time on because the third P that comes along with the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur’s P is passion. I can make an argument that if you’re not all that great at being a technician or a manager but you’re great at being an entrepreneur, you probably have a better result than if you’re great at being a technician and a manager but not so good at being an entrepreneur. The reason is because of this third P. The passion that you develop in order for you to be an effective entrepreneur is the X factor that drives great practices.

So let’s talk about passion for a moment here. What is passion? Passion is a sense of full engagement, of enthusiasm, of exhilaration, of immersion in what it is that you do. You can see that an entrepreneur needs to function this way in order to get the results that are desired.

Now, the optimal situation is when each doctor, especially in a solo practice, is fulfilling each of these roles and therefore, each of these 3 P’s. So the technician in you is responsible for your procedures. The manager in you is responsible for your policies, the rules of engagement, and the entrepreneur in you is responsible for generating the passion. The passion is the energy that drives the entire process. Passion is so incredibly important that in the upcoming months, we’re going to be presenting a seminar that is specifically about passion. But you know, it’s a unique take on passion, not just to get you jumping up out of your seat and screaming with delight, but to understand why it’s so important. Passion is especially critical in turbocharging your brand. Your brand is your public-facing statement into the marketplace. It’s more than just your logo. It’s more than just the name of your business. Your brand is what people know you by. When you infuse your brand with passion, you get … Wait for it … Passion branding.

Passion branding is the subject matter of the seminar coming up in Orlando in May. Now, if you want to find out more about our passion seminar, you can simply go to our website or you can take a look at this QR code. You can just run the scanner on your phone over this QR code, and it will take you right to a website that tells you all about what we have planned.

Folks, I’ve got to tell you, in order for you to experience the best that practice has to offer these days, you’ve got to find a way to get out of the lethargy and apathy left in the trail of the COVID dilemma. You’ve got to awaken your community and your clientele to the magic of chiropractic. The way you do that is by breeding passion into your brand.

Folks, this is a winnable game, but you’ve got to play hard and you’ve got to play smart. You’ve got to bring the energy, the enthusiasm, the vibration, the love, so that your patients are willing to break through their current weird state and become part of the new chiropractic practice that they can get in your office.

Folks, passion is the critical key that turbocharges everything you do in your practice. I urge you to study passion. To learn what you need to know, go to our landing page, go to our website, come to our seminar and learn how to create a passionate practice. Thanks for watching. This is Dr. Dennis Perman, signing off for Thrive In Five.

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