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Hello everybody. And welcome to Thrive In Five. Today I’m going to talk about Chiropractic coaching for growth. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your host for today. Today’s class is called The Most Direct Way To Influence Your Practice Growth. And I’m going to tell you about something that’s going to seem so obvious that you may have overlooked it. In fact, even after you hear it, you’re going to wonder why I believe it’s so profound, but it is. You see, the first rule of being busy in practice is open your doors. If you’re there, then people can find you and visit you. And if you’re not there, then they can’t find you and visit you.

So the very first thing that you need to know is that the number of days that you work in any given week or month is going to be one of the most important influences on your practice volume. You see, your practice year is made of practice months and your practice month is made of practice weeks. And your practice week is made of practice days. And your practice day is made of practice hours. And your practice hours is made of visits. So as you understand the structure of how you generate more volume, you realize that you have to be there enough days for you to be able to see the number of people you want to see. Now I’m going to provide a variety of examples over the next few minutes, so you can see my point. So this is how we use chiropractic coaching for growth.

So let’s take a look at the first slide. Many of our doctors, because of the unusual nature of practice in the COVID-19 era, have changed their office hours. And as a result, they may have had a four-day a week schedule and they have reduced that to a three day a week schedule. Well, let’s see what that actually means. Well, let’s just say, for example, that you see 25 people a day. Now you may see 25 people an hour or 25 people a week. It doesn’t matter. Just let’s use this example. So if you see 25 people a day and you work three days a week, that means you see 75 people a week or something like 300 people a month.

Now, what would happen if you added one day per week, you would see 25 people a day times four days a week, which is equal to a 100 a week, which is equal to 400 people a month. You can see this as a substantial difference. And the fact of the matter is, if you are working too few days based on the pace of and rhythm of your office visits, well, then you’re arbitrarily and artificially restricting your practice volume. Open your doors. You may want to work one more day. And if you do, you will increase your volume in a profound way.

Now let’s take a look at the next slide. You may think, Dennis, that’s not what I want to do. I want to see the same number of people I usually see in four days a week, but I really only want to work three days a week. It’s too difficult to get into the office four days. And it’s too difficult for patients to keep track of it and to keep staff. And I need a day in between to rest, or whatever. Well, if you want to take the volume that you see in four days a week and see it in three days a week, well, then you have to increase the number of people you see per day. Can you see why chiropractic coaching for growth is so important?

So if you are seeing 25 people a day times four days a week, that’s a 100 people a week and you only want to work three days a week, divide the 100 by three. And now you have to see 33 people a day. Now that means, if you can see four people in the morning more than you’re currently seeing, and four people in the afternoon more than you’re currently seeing, then you can reduce your schedule from four days a week to three days a week, and you can preserve your practice volume and thereby your income. Now, understanding that this is the most direct way for you to influence your practice growth or to maintain your practice volume working fewer days. Well, let’s take a look at what happens on a yearly basis when you actually do this.

Let’s look at the next slide. Well, if you’re working three days a week, because you reduced your schedule because of COVID or whatever, and you’re seeing 25 people a day, 75 a week with 300 a month. If you add one day per week, you’re actually adding 50 days a year to your schedule. One day per week equals 50 days. 50 days times 25 people a day is 1,250 visits. Now, if you were seeing 75 people a week, 300 people a month, if you had 1,250 visits, that’s like adding four months to your year. My goodness. Imagine if you could work 16 months in 12, just by adding one day per week.

Now let’s go ahead and look at the final slide. Well, let’s say you say, “Dennis, I don’t really feel like working another full day. I only want to work another half a day a week.” No problem. It still can have a profound positive benefit. You see, if you see 25 people a day times three days a week, that’s 75 people a week. If you had one shift per week, a half a day, one shift per week. That’s the equivalent of 25 days times 25 people a day because it’s half as many days, that’s still 625 visits. That’s like adding an additional two months to your year.

Now I want you to know that these numbers may or may not fit the numbers that you have. You may see many, many more people than this per day or fewer. It doesn’t matter. You can do your own math by tapping into our calculator, the Practice Growth Calculator is the way for you to figure out what the right numbers are for you. And you can put in the number of days you work and the number of people you see in a day and the number of new patients that you see in a month and the amount of money you make per month, and it’ll feed back all kinds of great data for you to understand your practice averages and what you might need to do in order to make your practice better.

So if you want, you can, if you are on Facebook, then you can go ahead and type calculator into the comments and you’ll get back a link to go to the calculator. Otherwise, you can copy the link that’s at the bottom of this screen. This is designed to help you. We want to make sure that all of the doctors in our profession, all of our colleagues, not just our members, have the benefit of understanding how to work with your practice statistics and thereby be as successful as possible and help as many patients as possible. If you decide you want to participate, you can go ahead and use the calculator, and then you’re entitled to absolutely no charge or obligation to you, to an analysis of the statistics so that you can know where you need to intervene in order to make things better. I hope this is helpful for you. Next time I’m here, we’re going to talk about another element of the Practice Growth Calculator, so that you can learn how to build a better practice. This is Dr. Dennis Perman for The Masters Circle Global signing off with Thrive In Five where chiropractic coaching for growth is a way of life.

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