TI5: What The Most Successful Chiropractors Know That You May Not Know

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Hello, everybody, and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your coach for today. Now, the title of today’s talk is What Most Successful Doctors Know That You May Not Know. And I’m sure that you want to get a new patient strategy or a patient education strategy or a financial strategy, well, you may get those, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You see, what most successful doctors know that you don’t know is, well, think about it for a second. Actors have acting coaches, athletes have sports coaches, politicians doing a debate get debate coaches. And you know what? If you want to be a successful chiropractor, you need a chiropractic coach. You need chiropractic coaching so that you understand from outside what you need to do in order to make your practice work that much better. Now, the fact of the matter is each individual is somewhat different, and that’s what makes coaching different from consulting.

Chiropractic consulting is teaching, educating, downloading information. Oh, I do that too every day. But you see, coaching is different. Coaching is personalized. Coaching is individualized. Each individual doctor needs something different and special, depending on where their strengths are and where the weaker areas are. If you’re really good at certain things, you may need less coaching, and if you’re not as good at other things, you may need a lot of coaching, but the fact is, that’s the skill of a chiropractic coach. Now, chiropractic coaches are going to work basically on four areas. Three of them have to do with your practice. The coach is going to help you develop a strategy for developing more new patients. This coach is going to help you develop a strategy for educating those patients so that they comply and are retained. And a skillful chiropractic coach is also going to help you to be more profitable.

Now, these three areas, new patients, patient compliance, and profitability are the inner workings, the operations of a chiropractic practice. But there’s a fourth area that requires coaching, and that’s your identity. Who you are and how you show up in your practice is going to determine how well what you do works in those other areas. So chiropractic coaching is geared towards the do level to help you attract more new people, to educate them so that they stay, and to have a fair exchange with good fee policies with them. And the expert chiropractic coach is going to also help you develop your identity, your personality, who you are and how you show up in your practice. Now, it’s essential that each individual chiropractor find the coach or coaches that are ideal for him or her.

And the reason why we’re so proud of what we do with The Master Circle Global is because our reputation as an identity based company is to be a chiropractic coaching company that helps each individual attain his or her absolute optimal best. Now, there’s a simple way to measure this and it’s with our Practice Growth Calculator. If you like, you can just type the word “calculator” into the comments or into the chat and you will get a link that’ll take you right to the calculator. Now, what is the Practice Growth Calculator? The Practice Growth Calculator is a simple way for you to input four simple statistics that every chiropractor already knows. Simple stuff like, how many days do you work each week, and how many new patients do you get each month, and how much money do you make? Simple stuff so that you can learn where the intervention point is that your coach is going to help you. You see, coaching is about noticing where you need help. Consulting is just downloading information. It’s not a bad thing. We consult too.

But coaches understand exactly where your subluxation is, exactly where that adjustment needs to be made, and the Practice Growth Calculator helps us to figure that out and helps you to understand what it is that we’re doing. You’ll see on your screen right now that there’s a link. You can either write that down or, as I said, you can just put “calculator” in the comments or the chat and you will end up getting this link that will take you to the Practice Growth Calculator. Now, many hundreds of doctors have already received and many have responded, so you need to go ahead and get into the queue, because Bob and I, your chiropractic coaches, are going to analyze your statistics personally and provide information for you so that you can learn what you need to do in order to create the practice that you really want.

Chiropractic coaching is the precursor to chiropractic practice management, and in a couple of weeks when I see you again, I’m going to be talking more about chiropractic practice management so that you can understand exactly what it takes for you to build the chiropractic practice of your dreams. This is Dr. Dennis Perman. It’s my pleasure to be here with you. Build yourself a great chiropractic practice and make a big difference in the lives of the people you touch and serve. Have a wonderful day, everybody.


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